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  1. brandiisamonkey

    For those of you that have experience with dermablend

    I would LOVE to try soem of their foundations but im always so terrified to order sight unseen. I am a NC15 in pretty much any MAC foundation and a nc20 in fix powder any recs for a color in dermablend?
  2. brandiisamonkey

    Flying regulations and does anyone live in Wichita

    So my job is sending me and another girl to Wichita KS to help with the opening of their Bonefish grill. and Ive NEVER flown before. Im nervous about flying but more nervous about my makeup. Im going for 2 weeks, what should I know? should I not check any of my mu? and I know that you can only...
  3. brandiisamonkey

    The "baby" weight

    I assume thats this is where this would go. Ok so as most of you know I recently had my first child almost 3 months ago. I put on a decent amount of FAT, not weight, I just call it fat lol. Since High school Ive been putting on a little bit of weight all the time. Though Ive been pretty lucky...
  4. brandiisamonkey

    Upcomming releases info

    sooo I went to the mac counter today and met the most wonderfull sweet MA ever. He just whipped out his update book and started talking lol. I didnt get full details but heres what I know. MAC will be releasing a FULL SIZED brush set in a GEORGEOUS brush roll I believe the cost was $216 Ok so...
  5. brandiisamonkey

    Did you miss out on A Muse....?

    Look at what I found OMGZ!!! Im so getting so hell the packaging is adorable and look heres a better pic of the blush looks...
  6. brandiisamonkey

    New real swatches on MAC's site!!!

    This is the GREATEST thing EVAR!!!!! OMG! *edit* Its still great but some of them dont look that true to life buy hey its better than the color squares! now I know a little bit more of what the colors look like!
  7. brandiisamonkey

    help please

    Is this real? opinions?
  8. brandiisamonkey

    Bath Time

    So I thought these were to freaking cute not to share... hes getting so big! 6 weeks 12lbs and 24inches!
  9. brandiisamonkey

    So I dont usually do things like this but...

    So I had my 6 week check up today at my obgyn to make sure everything was getting back to normal after hayden was born. Well he did a breast exam and I have a rather large lump. So I had an ultrasound. Its not a cyst... I have an apointment next thus to have mamagram. Im 23 years old, im not...
  10. brandiisamonkey

    Work FOTD

    Ok so I hardly ever post pics of me because I hate how I photograph, I have a horribly crooked nose (its been broken like 4 times now I think) and I always look sickly I think lol Anywho im about to go to work so its nothing special Heres what I used Face Moisturegleam BE Light Peacheykeen...
  11. brandiisamonkey

    Not Ness Fake but ummm yeah

    SO this is a little misleading lol, thats DEFINATLY not Petticoat lol
  12. brandiisamonkey

    SO I did a live chat because I was curious...

    info: One of our Artists will be with you shortly. At the end of this chat session, you may request to have a transcript of your chat sent to you via email by completing our Exit Survey. info: Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Marci. How may I assist you? Brandi...
  13. brandiisamonkey

    Freakin $%&!@#

    So It finally happend. I got jipped thanks to MUA, I knew I should have stuck to specktra, Ive NEVER had a problem with ANYONE here EVER! But someone on MUA had alot of stuff I REALLY wanted so I sold alot of stuff I didnt really use and bought from her. I spend over $100 and that was amonth ago...
  14. brandiisamonkey

    First time out fotd

    So We went out last night for the first time in more than 9 months lol so I decided to do a really vibrant I guess you could say look I was inspired by this tut. well not really inspired lol I just straigt up copied it lol... Anywho dont laugh too...
  15. brandiisamonkey

    My Loves

    So as some of you know I was pregnant and due to have a bay soon lol. Well I was induced at 5:30 am friday 7/14 and had him at 1:09 pm 7/14 his name is Hayden and hes the most wonderfull baby ever! He weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 21 inches long. Anyway here are some pics of him and his father (my...
  16. brandiisamonkey

    hard decision

    So I have a chance to get one of these quads, I like them both but im not sure wich one I REALLY want (I want them both lol) so wich would you choose A Laze Eyes or B Perverted Pearl
  17. brandiisamonkey

    Recs for shadows

    Ok girls I need to know what colors Im missing lol or atleast what I need to get more of (I want everything but still) all of the shadows that I currently own can be seen here so what colors am I missing that every girls "needs" lol Thanks!
  18. brandiisamonkey

    What color is this?

    This is a pigment sample I have, its labled Blue storm but I have a jar of blue storm and theya re no where near the same color... I think its a beautifull color but I dont know what it is. It was given to me as an extra in a swap...
  19. brandiisamonkey

    My tiny collection *lots of pics*

    I did my best to take decent pics, this is my collection of MAC stuff. Its not very big but I love it after all they are my babies lol. whole traincase Brushes Pot Shadows Eye Shadow Palettes Pre Made Quads Blush Palette Pot Blushes Skinfinishes Lip Stuffs Pigment Samples...
  20. brandiisamonkey

    Need you ladies help!

    SO Im Pregnant and my due date is July 8th 3 weeks from now. Its a boy and the fiancee and I are estatic. We have everything we need. Well everything EXCEPT my son dosnt have a name yet. We have NO clue what were naming him I need help with manes severely lol I just cant think right now (lack of...