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  1. vintageroses

    Calling all makeup addicts living in Singapore!!

    [Hi mods, not too sure if this kinda post is allowed, if it is not feel free to remove it thanks!] Hey loves! I will be opening afew sprees from the US! Esp since when we buy most of these stuff in stores they are marked up to a crazy price! Check out my spree page & do leave a comment if...
  2. vintageroses

    First FOTD feat birds & berries!

    Hey everyone! This is my first ever photo of the dayy! I just wanna say that i am not a makeup artist & just started using eyeshadow & mascara this month! So really newww, comments are welcome! The lid is really neutral but i love the colour pop at the bottom! I swear it looks more vibrant...
  3. vintageroses

    Favourite waterproof eyeliner for watery eyes!

    Hey everyoneee So, i'm not sure if i'm the only one in the world with this problem but i have quite watery eyes, i don't constantly tear all day or anything but my eyeliner esp on the waterline doesn't last! I've tried UD (which is supposed to be really waterproof), Revlon Colourstay (which...
  4. vintageroses

    MAC Seminar in Brisbane!!!

    Hey loves! So i went down to the MAC store in the city today to check out the spring forecast collection! The MA & i was talking for abit, I was almost going to pay for my purchase when i the she told me there was a seminar on this wednesday! So i decided to put my items on hold and go for the...