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  1. javadoo

    Natasha Denona Discussion

    Yup, SOLD!
  2. javadoo

    Natasha Denona Discussion

    Looks like there is a Bronze cheek palette like Bloom that goes with it! I am in for both!
  3. javadoo

    Pat McGrath Beauty

    Me too....but in my defense, the palette came in and the whole thing is beautiful.
  4. javadoo

    General Chanel Chat

    I ordered it but it hasn't shipped yet.
  5. javadoo

    Viseart Paris

    I will be getting this! I love orange shades on my blue eyes! And I love everything I own from Viseart-which is quite a few eyeshadow palettes.
  6. javadoo

    All Things Sephora

    I got this one too.
  7. javadoo

    Pat McGrath Beauty

    I got it yesterday and I am wearing it today.....I LOVE it.
  8. javadoo

    Pat McGrath Beauty

    Just got an email....looks like Divine Rose drops tomorrow on Pat's site at 9 am Eastern time.
  9. javadoo

    Pat McGrath Beauty

    I was just able to order it at Selfridges(on the website not the app). $30 shipping though....ugh.
  10. javadoo

    Natasha Denona Discussion

    The quality was just many of the colors were just variations of the same shade, just slightly different textures. It was not a very cohesive palette. I looked at it and didn't know where to start. Usually when I look at a palette I can see different looks in my head, but with this one I...
  11. javadoo

    Natasha Denona Discussion

    Definitely Gold. I bought Metropolis and was not impressed with it at all. I ended up returning it.
  12. javadoo

    ISO Tom Ford Lilac Dream quad

    If anyone has one they are willing to part with or there a CCO near you that has one and you'd be willing to ship it to me I would be very appreciative!!
  13. javadoo

    Mac eyeshadow recommendations

    So, I am looking at a few eyeshadows. Namely-Arena, Bronze, Sable, Patina, Honey Lust and Honesty. Out of these 6, are there any that really don't perform well or just kind of stink in general as far as pigmentation, finish and ease of use? Thanks!
  14. javadoo

    Does MAC ever have a sale?

    Just wondering if MAC online(or in stores) ever has a sale and if so, when?
  15. javadoo

    What is your Holy Grail Mac blush?

    So far I would have to say mine is Breezy. But I love all of my MAC blushes. I'm just branching out into the Mineralizee blushes now...I recently picked up Petal Power and Lovejoy. Thinking about getting Love Thing soon....anyone have it and love/hate it?
  16. javadoo

    MAC 116 or 129 brush?

    Which brush is your favorite? I have already ordered the 187 for my highly pigmented I need a brush for the less pigmented blushes.
  17. javadoo

    What is your 1 favorite, can't-do-without UD eyeshadow?

    For me, hands down it is Easy Baked. I love the warm, golden, bronze tones.
  18. javadoo

    Best brush for highly pigmented blush?

    I use quite a few highly pigmented blushes(Nars Taj Mahal, Mounia, Crazed, etc) and I'd like to know what the best brush to use for these types of blush is for an easy, natural (not scary) look. I've heard tons of people talk about MAC 187 and even some mention the 116 or a skunk(??? I...
  19. javadoo

    How often?

    How often does MAC come out with a new collection? Will they most likely be coming out with a Summer 2015 collection? I'd really like to see some new blush shades to try to replicate a couple of LE items that I have been unable to get my hands on.
  20. javadoo

    Dupe for MAC True Romantic?

    I am NW20-25. I am looking for a warm pink blush with a nice sheen to it. I don't want a matte blush. I love the look of MAC True Romantic that I have seen in swatches and read that it is a warm pink...any idea of a dupe for it as it was LE? I also love Petal Point, which is similar. Thanks!