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    Blogs/websites for mani/pedi do-it-yourselfers

    Does anyone know of any blogs or websites that are for people who do their own manicures and/or pedicures? This would include people who do their own acrylics or gels, nail art, etc. Thanks in advance!
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    Blue eyeshadow, transition color, STUMPED!

    Greetings, Ladies! I'm NC44 and have always had this question. While I own several beautiful blue eye shadows, I'm always hesitant to use them in a predominately blue look because I never know which shades would work best as transition shades in the crease area, prior to my highlight. Ideas...
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    Shea Moisture COSMETICS!

    The brand, after producing skincare, hair (and their latest: natural hair color and temporary hair straightening) products is taking the next logical step. They're coming out with a cosmetic line this spring! Once again it will be sold in Target only (boo!). Shea Moisture made the announcement...
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    Yves Rocher Foundation

    I saw a woman over the weekend who had the most beautiful, flawless NC42/44ish complexion so I inquired as to what foundation she was wearing and she told me Yves Rocher Pure Light. I went to the website and saw that they have several colors for WOC but, prior to talking to this woman, I'd never...
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    Concealer Suggestion

    I know it's a suggestion request, but I felt I might get a better result if I posted it here, under Beauty of Color, since I'm a Beauty of Color. ;) I'm NC44 and need a good concealer primarily for spot discoloration, like the marks left behind from a pimple. If it's longwearing I would just...
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    For contouring: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil vs. MAC Blunt

    I keep reading absolute rave reviews about Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer for contouring, but rarely do I see any reviews from brown girls. So, do any of you have an opinion about how it compares to MAC Blunt blush for this use? Which would you prefer to use? Is there something outside of...
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    Paint Pot Application

    I've got a ton of paint pots and I'm somewhat disenchanted with them and hardly use them. The thing is, I've tried applying them with both my finger and a brush, and I can never get a satisfactory enough look with them. Sometimes I honestly think that maybe I'm expecting too much, LOL. I feel...
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    Changing Complexion Undertone?

    For years I have been wearing, have considered myself to be and have been told that I'm NC in MAC. I always thought that my complexion had a strong yellow undertone. Over the past year or so, however, I have started to believe otherwise, I honestly think it is changing/has changed. As I try...
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    New Naked Skin Foundation

    I can't wait to try this! Have any of you had the opportunity yet?
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    Matte/non-shimmer highlight colors

    Looking for some suggestions for WOC-friendly brow highlight colors that are either matte or non-shimmery. I have a 15-pan palette of colors that I can use but every one of them has shimmer. Brand is not an issue. I already have WNW's Brulee.
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    Essie "Go Overboard" for Spring 2012

    I'm a little over the nautical theme for makeup and nail colors, and guess who is doing another one? Essie! This one consists of blues and greens, and I'm digging a couple of them!
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    I'm "funny" about blushes

    Of all the beauty products out there, blush has always been my least favorite. It is not often that I see a blush that I think is well applied and natural looking. I am NC44 and, when I do want a blush, I find that for some reason I am drawn to blushes in the warmer, browner shades. I...
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    Good facial exfoliant

    I have finally milked the last bit from my beloved Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and now I need a recommendation for a good facial exfoliant to take its place! Help!
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    F&F Sale, Holiday 2011

    20% off, starting today, through Saturday, November 5th. Code: FFHOLIDAY11
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    Fall beauty trends/previews for WOC?

    I'm seeing a lot of fall beauty trends and previews lately, but none featuring WOC. Have you guys seen any? If so, please share where!
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    MUFE Duo Mat Powder Foundation for NC44

    Can anyone recommend an NC44 equivalent in MUFE Duo Mat Powder Foundation?
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    ALL threads with new posts showing up...

    Until about an hour ago, when I sign on to the site I used to see just the updated threads that I'm subscribed to show up toward the bottom of the main page. Now, it looks like EVERY thread with a new post is showing up and I have to weed through them to find the ones I'm subscribed to. Is...
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    The year's 5 best selling lipsticks

    The Today Show's feature, The Look, named what it thinks are the 5 best-selling lipsticks of the year. Guess who is number 1?
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    Rouge Artist Intense lipstick finishes

    I've tried two different Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks, both in the Pearly finish. Although the colors are very nice, I find that formula to be too drying and lip line accenting. Saw a pretty color in the Matte finish that I liked and swatched it on the back of my hand. It seems like it's...
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    Nail salon rant

    First, let me preface this rant with the statement that I know that not all nail salons and nail techs are bad. But I'm noticing a really negative set of trends and lately I could just scream. Please allow me to get this off my chest. Nail techs: you are more than welcome to chime in...