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  1. laguayaca

    Favorite go to highlight color for your eye

    I've been MIA wondering what's is everyones favorite
  2. laguayaca

    Reclaiming myself!

    Hi I know many have read a post I made about a year ago. I had non stop menstrual bleeding and was finally able to find help and where it came from I was diagnosed PCOS. PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome, caused me to gain over 50lbs in 2 years but I did not know this I figured Ive always been...
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    Cover FX: Conceal FX Match Help Please

    Hi Ive recently converted to Cover Fx and I am loving it! For once in my life I found a foundation that has not broke me out. I am wanting to invest in Conceal Fx but I need help trying to figure out what color to get as I have heard they appear darker than they apply. I am a B15 anyone please...
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    Cant find shameless promotions thread?

    I searched and cant find it does it still exist?
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    MUFE 92 Smokey Eye

    <object width="500" height="315"><param name="movie" value=" 61ca&border=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    MUFE 92 Smokey Eye

    More pictures on my blog you can click on them to make them bigger I also have a link on my blog post to view tutorial for this look. Its my first tutorial so any help and comment would be appreciated! Thank you loves! What I used: Face- MAC Mineralize Skinfinish--I primed and moisturized...
  7. laguayaca

    MuFe 92 Love and a Deviant Neutral look

    Hi girlies its been such a long time and I missed yall and your sweet comments so heres a few looks I have done recently. I got MUFE 92 because I felt all yall were teasing me with how awesome it is my traincase could not feel whole without it! Next acquisition NARS Albatross I hope! Go to my...
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    ISO The perfect Concealer: Oily Skin

    I am in search of the perfect concealer For my oily skin to cover up under eye circles and imperfections here and there! I use MSF Natural or MUFE Duo Matt powder as my foundation they both do a great I just need a little boost to achieve a flawless look. What am I looking for? Durability...
  9. laguayaca

    I have time to post Yay! Lima o Limon? and Vampish Jeni

    Heres a couple of the looks I posted on my blog I had some time to kill so I wanted to share them with you Specktra babes! Lima or Limon Face Basics MAC Prep and Prime SPF Estee Lauder DW as a concealer MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in MED Dark Cheeks and Contour NARS Deep Throat MAC Harmony...
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    Trying to taste the Rainbow plus new hair

    I have not posted in forever! ! heres a post for you ladies, go to my blog where I posted tons of new looks any questions are always welcome! i also put an update of how im doing healthwise! c u later darlings! Face Basics MAC Prep and Prime SPF Estee Lauder DW as a concealer MAC Mineralize...
  11. laguayaca

    Crappy FOTD: My last one for a long time

    I also got a new hair cut, What do you think? I just got out of the shower so excuse the blahness...I always do my hair after I do my makeup. I will be going to Ecuador to get some much needed medical stuff done some of you may have read about it in another thread I posted titled "Ive been on...
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    Soft Pink and Plums(Bridal Look)

    I am attending a bazilllion weddings this year and I got inspired to create a bridal look! ALL MAC UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED Face: Prep and Prime Face SPF 50 Estee Lauder Double Wear Mineralize Skinfinish in med dark Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder to highlight all over Cheeks: Blunt to contour...
  13. laguayaca

    Golden eye, luscious lips

    So im trying to determine a look for a wedding ill be in with a red dress this is the second look Ive created I have the otherone in my blog go check it out. I like this one best so far im gonna keep trying different ones . Heres what I used: ALL MAC UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED Napoleon Perdis...
  14. laguayaca

    MUFE HD or Studio Sculpt?

    Im in the market for a new foundation I am currently using Estee Lauder Double wear but im honestly not as impressed about it (it seems like you have to blend immediately or blending sucks). It is a fabulous foundation but I just want to try something else eventually i will probably return to...
  15. laguayaca

    Recs: taking my makeup overseas, how do I pack?

    I was thinking of bringing my mac traincase as carryon but I'm not sure that would be allowed. I want to make sure it gets there safe and sound. What I'm most worried about is my palettes I would hate for my shadows to break in the trip. Any recs greatly appreciated I'm going to Ecuador on march...
  16. laguayaca

    Ive had my period for over 2 months!

    Update: I want to thank yall so much for your support I do in fact have PCOS and if anyone has had any of my symptoms I highly suggest you go see a doctor and dont settle for unanswered questions! PCOS is not life threatening but it causes infertility something im dealing with right now. It...
  17. laguayaca

    Help: Makeup ideas for a red bridesmaid dress...summer wedding.

    So I have a wedding to be in and I need makeup ideas for red dress. Please! Ugh the dress im wearing is totally fugly. Im only in the wedding because shes my to be sister in law but the dress has to be way pass my knees, cant be tight on my butt and boobs (like I can help I have curves)and i...
  18. laguayaca

    Check out my YIPS:Red Lip experiment+HK WOC swatches galore

    Excuse my horrid makeup application---was trying to be quick! On my face Estee Lauder Double Wear Blitz and Glitz liner Hypnose mascara Red Lips Experiment: Dark Red Liner Classic Dame ls Frozen White pigment Lipsgloss Results= Duochrome 2Toned little yips...
  19. laguayaca

    More Creme Royale and DBG Piggie but this time with pink and orange

    Here goes: Like always... Estee Lauder Double Wear in Bronze 42 Medium Dark MSF Lineur Intense - Loreal Napoleon Perdis Mascara *ALL MAC UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED* Eye: Rubenesque PP Creme Royale Off the Radar Bright Fuchsia mixed with the slightest bit of Deep Blue Green Feline Cheeks...
  20. laguayaca

    HK look: Creme Royale, Deep Blue Green with a hint of Brown + a crazy one

    I already had these colors I didnt buy any of the palettes couldn't justify it to myself I didnt really need colors I kinda already had though Lucky Tom looks yum! Estee Lauder Double Wear in Bronze 42 Medium Dark MSF Lineur Intense - Loreal Napoleon Perdis Mascara Eyes: Rubenesque PP Creme...