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  1. mac_obsession

    neutrals :D

    Sanne...I promised Id post em so here they are ... Dont mind the funky brows or the weird expression. I was in a state of shock when the picture was taken heh. Lets see I used ricepaper antiqued earthly delight sin (urban decay) elite goldbit and dipdown fluidliner
  2. mac_obsession

    haha ouch
  3. mac_obsession

    I had to share :D

    I took these pics of my daughter the other day...I just had to share, they were soooooooo cute I just love how the light is shining on her from the window and my baby on her first day of second grade *sigh* she looks a little disheveled, because it was 6am lol...
  4. mac_obsession

    my idea of browns/neutrals :D

    ok so I dont usually do mega-neutral but i was looking to do something kinda neutral so this is my take on it Copper sparkle across the bottom lid, cocoa beach in the corners, coco in the crease, and vanilla to highlite Hot poppy on the waterline
  5. mac_obsession

    violet & pink pearl stolen from sugarAsh :D

    ok so its been a while...heres one I did after seeing SugarAsh's violet and pink pearl that I fell in love with, but I dont have quite the skills she does so heres my attempt I used pink pearl and violet pigment towards the edge, and non conformist fluidliner and pink opal as a highliter...
  6. mac_obsession

    Specktra.Net FAQ: Watermarking tutorial in Paint Shop Pro (PSP)

    Ok, you start with your base picture (which is my desktop, a collage of pretty stuff) You go to your text tool Then you choose your text, then go to text, select the font you want, the size and you want to keep it on floating. Once you have chosen the font, size and color you...
  7. mac_obsession

    When did you REALLY get into m/u?

    How old were you? What was your first m/u love? What did your parental unit say when they first saw you w/ m/u on (if under 18)? Do you consider your m/u application skills to be better than those around you? (friends/family) Do you consider m/u to be an art? Do you consider less is more? If...
  8. mac_obsession

    If you could make a pigment...

    What color and formula would it be? I want a frosty red with a bit of reflects sparkle...that is both eye and lip safe!! What about you?
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    Ok if you read anything in deep thoughts youll know how strongly I feel about this. I know a lot of people dont know where to help if they can, so heres the info RED CROSS 1-800-HELP-NOW SALVATION ARMY 1-800-SAL-ARMY PLEASE BE AWARE THERE ARE SCAMS ALREADY - THESE #s ARE LEGIT - YOU CAN...
  10. mac_obsession

    September Challenge #1!!! End of Summer

    Ok guys & girls lets see whatcha got...We want to see all the hot hot hot looks in a theme devoted to the end of summer, sun and all things hot!!
  11. mac_obsession

    What's your thing?

    Everyone has a thing and I wanna know what it is!! Me, my major thing is lipgloss, perfume, purses, candles, movies & music, & stuff for my kid (even though she doesnt need anymore!!) and well you can see a theme going here... My best friends think is Victoria Secrets, and anything and...
  12. mac_obsession

    What're the weirdest colors you've worn together?

    What e/s colors have you put together that were so different/weird that if you told someone they look at you like you're retarded... My oddest combo was chartruese and maroon shades with a few similar colors thrown in...It looked great but I dont know wtf I was thinking when I pulled those...
  13. mac_obsession

    Floridians - wishing you safety!!

    I know Katrina is about to blow the ass off of Florida. I feel it here in NJ.. So Im wishing you all safety, and hopefully minimal if no damage... You're all in my thoughts!! Good luck Nina!! Hope all is well for you and dh!
  14. mac_obsession

    My beautiful Girl :D

    So yeah, I got frustrated and finally laid out $130 for this thing called a maxiglide...It's like a ceramic flat iron but not really. Its way better. I got it for my daughters hair cause she likes when its straight. sooooo this is before - NOW mind you, her birthday is coming up, we are having a...
  15. mac_obsession

    haha :X My own words used against me

    So my daughter bf and I were talking the other night, and I turned around and was cooking, and all of the sudden I hear (out of the mouths of babes right?) oh shes such a WHORE! Im like OMG WHAT THE F? I come into the living room, and Im like wth did you just say? She turns around and said I...
  16. mac_obsession

    Anyone here watch Six Feet Under?

    I watched the Series finale last night and cried my eyes out.. I think they did such a wonderful job at showing the age progression of the children, not so much on the main characters, but of wrapping up all the loose ends, showing us when where and how it all wrapped up...I was so sad to see it...
  17. mac_obsession

    Another similar to the last :X

    This one is similar but lighter... UD pp as a base Vanilla pigment on the lid, lucky green in the crease, vanilla blended in above crease.
  18. mac_obsession

    Been a long time so here goes

    Figured Id post some This I used shimmermint s/s across the lid lustreleaf on top of it, lucky jade s/s in the crease and lucky green on that and overcast above. Also blitz and glitz fluidliner
  19. mac_obsession

    Did I Miss something?

    Ok so Ive been a little bit out of it for the past week or two, but have I been so out of it that I missed a collection release? Did naturally eccentric already come out? I know PK is an artist and might have gotten stuff early but now Im seeing a lot of people purchasing the quads..
  20. mac_obsession

    talent comes in so many forms

    A friend shared this site with me...This guy is so amazingly talented, just watch what he does, its thing transforms into another all with sand... very cool who knew playing in the sand could make you rich or become something...