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  1. so_siqqq

    Sunkissed Blusher

    I was wondering what blushes (does not need to be MAC) can give that sunkissed, bronze-y, pinkish/peach kind of glow to my NC25 skin without using bronzer?
  2. so_siqqq


    I want my cheeks to be more defined and create a slender look for my slightly round heartshaped face. What products should I use? Bronzer on the hollows of my cheeks? What color brush (preferrably a natural flushed kind of blush color )? For referance I am an Asian with NC25 skin right now...
  3. so_siqqq

    Keira Knightley Look

    I don't know what to use for the eyes and cheeks but I think I can use Myth for the lips. So what do you ladies/gents think will work for the eyes and cheeks? here's a larger pic: (if pic looks small/blurry try placing the mouse over the...
  4. so_siqqq

    Which Gucci Waistbelt?

    1. 2. I like both but I don't know which one I want to get. The only difference between the two is that the first has a green/red belt and the second a dark brown belt.
  5. so_siqqq

    Photo Finish Spf 15

    Smashbox just released Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 15 and it contains Dermaxyl Complex (it's supposed to reduce the look of wrinkles/fine lines). Has anyone tried it yet? I kind of want to try it out since it has SPF 15 but it's kind of steep for at $42...
  6. so_siqqq

    Face Primers to Even Out or Cancel Undertones

    My face gets a reddish pink undertone after I wear any type of foundation, even tinted moisturizer. Is there any primer or neautralizer that can tone the red/pink down?
  7. so_siqqq

    Holiday Brush Sets, E/S and L/S Palletes

    I just went to Filene's in Downtown Boston and they already have the Holiday brush sets, eyeshadow palletes, and lipstick palletes to buy in advance. I didn't get them though because they didn't appeal to me as much as I thought they would. The brush case looks kind of cheap. But the e/s and l/s...
  8. so_siqqq

    Bought new shoes :)

    I bought these by BCBGirls And these by Report (they have ankle ties) Buying shoes has pretty much made my day other than having no school today .
  9. so_siqqq

    What helps oily skin?

    I've been using Aveeno's Positively Radiant. It's a light oil free lotion but my skin still gets oily. Does anyone know a product/lotion that helps restrain oils and help keep the face matte for most of the day?
  10. so_siqqq

    Shimmer Souffle?

    I went to the CCO in Wrenthem yesterday and saw this: When did MAC release these? It was pretty interesting. It's basically eyeshadow in mouse form. Didn't buy it though. The consistency was really weird. PS. Just for your FYI the Wrentham CCO still has Ingenue Blue e/s
  11. so_siqqq

    Changing foundation shade.

    My question is a MAC MA told me NW25 would work with my skin. After acouple of days using NW25 I came to a conclusion that it is too pink. So should I just go with NC25 for a more yellow undertone?
  12. so_siqqq

    Smudging Fluidliners

    Lately I've been really into smudging my eyeliner. Now, I know fluidliners can be smudged but how does one go about doing so because they dry pretty quickly once applied?
  13. so_siqqq

    Quad Prices?

    How much are the quads that come out for certain color stories. I checked the price section on the Specktra site but it didn't say. I want to know how much they run so I can save up money for the Naturally Eccentric eyeshadow quads. I remember reading somewhere like 48 USD. But I'm not sure.
  14. so_siqqq

    Nude L/S

    I really love nude lip colors like c-thru lipglass. I wanted to get something like that but in l/s form. So what l/s colors are similar to c-thru?
  15. so_siqqq

    Amazing Shoes

    Can I say these are HOTHOTHOT? I am most def. getting them. I love Irregular Choice. Oh and these are wicked too...teehee. But they don't have my size
  16. so_siqqq

    Eyeshadow recs. for NC30 skin

    I'm going to the pro store in Montreal this weekend. I wanted to get some eyeshadows. I needed some recs. for reds, browns, and neutrals for my NC30 skin and asian eyes? Oh, another question . Does anyone have a pic of themself wearing Sapalicious lip gelee?
  17. so_siqqq

    Returning Question

    I was wondering can I still return my select spf foundation and powder even though I've used it several times? I bought it two weeks ago so I still have a week or so left before the 30 days. And how is Studio Tech? I pretty much have normal skin and it only gets a little oily during the day...