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  1. m4dswine

    Smokey blue green eyes and dark lippie

    I was having a play with my Media lippy to see if it would work with something other than grey and black.... Here are the results... Eyes: Bare Canvas paint and Orb e/s as base/highlight Nighlight pigment Teal pigment in crease Black black pigment along lash lines Black track fluidline...
  2. m4dswine

    My MAC/Makeup collection

    Here is my MAC/Make up collection... My storage case: Powder: Eyeshadows and blushers: Lipsticks, false eyelashes and pressed powder (inc. Prep+Prime Lip) Nail polish etc: Pigments and fluidlines: Basics (mascara, foundation, concealer, primer, bare canvas paint): My brush collection...
  3. m4dswine

    Is Forest Green pigment still available?

    Not sure if this is the right place? I can't seem to find it on the Pro site.... I'm really interested in this, as I don't think Emerald Green is the right colour and I know Deep Blue Green isn't...