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    Leaving Feedback

    I've been trying to leave feedback for a member, and I use their "thread URL." I keep getting this message: "Invalid URL. Please enter the URL to a thread that was started by either yourself or the other user." I haven't had any problems leaving feedback before using a URL, so I'm wondering if...

    New posts

    I've noticed this afternoon that each time I hit "new posts" I am only able to see the first 4 pages of threads. I've clicked on the arrow to get past page 4, and nothing. I've off the site, and then back on, and still nothing. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas?

    Cute lippie organizer

    That's so neat! Good you only have 9 glosses, it's perfect!

    Can mac gloss cremes really be used as eyeshadows??

    Some say that these gloss cremes can be used as eyeshadows? All I ever get from that is a gunky, creasy mess! I've used them to highlight cheeks, or as a lipgloss (depending on the color), am I missing something here? The colors are awesome & would be great for eyeshadow if it was possible...

    Hi from So Cali

    I'm brand new to this site, but have seen some really great stuff already! I am a makeup addict & can't wait to see what this site has to offer