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  1. florabundance

    Which Correcteur Perfection concealer shade?

    Hi guys, I'm NC25 in MAC foundations, and NW20 in their concealers. I've never really used any other concealer but MAC, but I've decided to try the Chanel one. I'm buying online, so I wondered if anybody could offer an educated guess as to which of the shades would be the best fit for me...
  2. florabundance

    Looking for a liner for Hibiscus lipstick

    MAC doesn't seem to have anything, and I've exhausted myself looking. So guys, any brand at this point, I'm really not fussed. I just want a bright orange coral lip liner. Bearing in mind, I'm in the UK Thanks so much.
  3. florabundance

    Has anybody tried Piz Buin self tanning colour dial?

    The media has finally (and probably quite rightly) scared me into never tanning again lol. I keep seeing ads for PIZ BUIN self-tanning lotion with color dial....( PIZ BUIN Self-tanning Lotion Colour Dial 240ml) Has anybody tried it - what did you think?
  4. florabundance

    Why the HELL has this nail polish stained my nails??????????

    OK, so I usually purchase Nails INC polishes and have never had this problem, but recently I bought 4 Barry M polishes and upon removing the colours, they have actually STAINED my nails this yellowish tint. WTF. I contacted them and was told that the packaging does state that it should be worn...
  5. florabundance

    MAC recs for this lip look?

    This look uses Jouer lip products (lipstick and gloss), and i'm in LOVE with it. However, Jouer isn't widely available and is kinda pricey. So, what MAC lip stuffs could i use for it? My go to pinkish lipgloss is Florabundance, but hmm..what lipstick? Hope u guys can help x
  6. florabundance

    "Good Hair"

    Good Hair | Sundance Festival 2009 Quote: When Chris Rock’s daughter, Lola, came up to him crying and asked, “Daddy, how come I don’t have good hair?” the bewildered comic committed himself to search the ends of the earth and the depths of black culture to find out who had put that...
  7. florabundance

    Does anybody have a LiveJournal?

    I've joined and want to make posts and stuff but I don't have any friends on there! lol. If you have one and are willing to friend, then mine is sosinprogress
  8. florabundance

    Okay, American Apparel, how do I wear this dress with a bra?

    I love me some AA, but i need advice ladies. I don't usually wear low cut dresses at the how can I wear this with a bra? I'm sure there's some crazy contraption..but i haven't found anything yet: thanks 4 ur help
  9. florabundance

    Where to find these BOOTS or similar ones?

    Hey I'm in love with these boots...only I have no idea where they're from, who they're buy or anything. I know flat calf length/ankle boots are in..but I can't find a pair of white ones anywhere. (i'm in London, but feel free to suggest wherever you are): TIA! x
  10. florabundance

    Friendship tensions =( (quite long)

    I know I post a lot asking for help with life stuff, but venting it and hearing feedback really helps me assess situations a whole lot better Okay, so for those who read a previous post I made about feeling lost having to take a year out before starting uni, my close friends leaving for uni...
  11. florabundance

    MAC products for these looks?

    I think the girls are wearing more or less the same styles. I'm liking the look of the skin/cheeks and the lip colour is gorgeous. So if anybody knows, let me know! thanks in advance ladies+gents
  12. florabundance

    Aww, SHE'S working it better than beyonce this time! lmfao

    this is just TOO adorable: YouTube - Single Ladies ft "Arianna"
  13. florabundance

    After all that discussion, HERE'S how you get the Sarah Palin FOTD down...

    LMAO. I burst out laughing when I read this today. It reminded me of that big ass discussion that took place during the debates/the election regarding her make up. Oh, and she's a MAC user aswell. Who'd have thought. What you will be needing: Foundation: Armani Luminous Silk Foundations...
  14. florabundance

    Job interview at Gap - help!

    Okay, I have an interview in a couple of days with Gap and i'm stressing over what to wear. I figured that I would wear this plain black pinafore, with a blouse underneath - standard interview clothes. However, the more I research on the web, many people are saying that they wore informal...
  15. florabundance

    Leona Lewis i-D and Blender magazine RECS

    what u think ladies? and the lips from this..?
  16. florabundance

    Do you have family members you just DON'T get on with?

    I need some advice on the issue.. My brother is engaged, and I have no doubt that they are very much in love. But due to (what I put down to) a MAJOR personality clash, his fiance and I just do not get on. Not that we are at eachothers throats all the time or that there is outright drama - but...
  17. florabundance

    Presidential Pop Culture Quiz =) How much do you REALLY know?

    I read this today, thought it was entertaining, in light of all the political hateration that has been brewing on here as of late. It's all in good fun - see what score you get . I got 5, which means i'm John McCain - lol. Do you know your Palin from your Feylin, your fist jab from your soul...
  18. florabundance

    White Supremacist plot to assassinate Barack Obama foiled

    White supremacist 'plot' to assassinate Barack Obama foiled - Telegraph A neo-Nazi plot to assassinate Barack Obama has been uncovered days before the American presidential election. US government agents say they have thwarted a plan by two conspirators to kill the White House...
  19. florabundance

    X Factor 2008, anyone watching?

    I usually lose interest by the time it comes to the live shows, but this year actually has good contestants! Is anyone else watching? My favourites are Laura, Austin and Rachel...
  20. florabundance

    The Problem with Playboy

    I thought it was an interesting article and a lot of posters on here express their views (positive/negative) about the playboy look in terms of makeup, but rarely about the company(?) itself...