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  1. cyens

    Homemade Lipbalm/gloss from scratch

    This is a tutorial how to make your own lip balm from scratch not using anything pre-made lip balm like my other tutorial What you need: Tools A purex A pot to boil water A spot Empty containers to store your new lip balm. ( the dollar store is a great place to start for those, or recycle old...
  2. cyens

    New tinted lip conditioner

    I'm prolly realy late on this, but I searched the forum and didnt find anything on this yet. The tinted lip conditioners recently got discontinued and the other day I went to the mac counter and noticed they just put them in more classy mac looking glass jar then the old bulky white plastic...
  3. cyens

    rec. Mulch replacement

    Hello I had mulch for a while, it was one of my favorite colors, best brown I've tried... Untill I develloped crazy allergies to it. So I cannot use mulch anymore, I actually gave it away and got swiss chocolate insted. Swiss chocolate is a beautifull color itself, but cannot replace mulch in...
  4. cyens

    Tinted Lip Balm * EASY & NO MESS *

    This is my first tutorial, I hope you guys like it. OK after I read this thread: I experiemented with lip balm and my samples. So this is what you need: A keddle to boil water a small and bigger bowl a brand new, never used Bobbypin. Mac...