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  1. princess

    Cracked lipglass caps

    Does anyone have this problem? So far I have only heard of cracked lustreglass caps but not lipglass caps! My Zazoom and Sizzlepeach both have cracked caps. Just noticed it today. I'm not sure what the problem is, I have never dropped them and leave them in their original boxes, standing up...
  2. princess

    Foolish Me and Variety blush

    I need some help here lovely members. I love the 2 abovementioned blushes alot but sometimes I have no idea what to wear on my lips when I'm wearing them, especially Foolish Me. Should I use peaches with them (eg Coral Grade? Sizzlepeach?) Or something more neutral? No way I can use them with...
  3. princess

    Mandy Moore at MAC

    Follow this link: and read the comments on the very first post, and the whole thread. Is it me or something but I find it funny that people have misconceptions about MAC being only for stage makeup etc? Was surprised at some of the comments...
  4. princess

    Tempting lipstick

    Does anyone know which color story did this lipstick come out with? Was it LE? I can't find it on the MAC website...
  5. princess

    Magic Spell lipglass

    This is a very common occurance with Magic Spell lipglass. It tends to give off this smell after a while (read on MUA that some members' lipgloss gave off that smell in less than 6 months!) even though nothing has changed with the texture. I would like to know whether anyone with this lipglass...
  6. princess

    help with foundation and concealer question

    I got matched to 2 different shades of foundation (NC20 and NC25) and 2 different shades of concealer (NC15 Select cover up and NW20 Select Moisturecover) by different MAs. Which one should I trust? Or should I get a third opinion? I tested the NC15 concealer before and it was ok but I...
  7. princess

    hi fellow mac addicts!

    Hi, I'm Rachel... registered in this forum when it was first set up and had a few posts, but it was all gone after I stopped coming for a few months. Good to be back to share!
  8. princess

    my darlings with pics

    Hi! Just to share my small collection with you girls... Lipglass: Snowgirl, Dreamy, Chapeau, Nymphette, Moonstone, Flash of Flesh Zazoom, Flusterose, Magic Spell, Rayothon, Oi! Oi! Oi!, Cultured, Sweet Inspiration Wonderstruck, Sizzlepeach, Tartlette, Lychee Luxe, Star Nova...