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  1. Lip_gloss_whore

    WOC-Red She Said Collection.... What Are You Getting?

    Are you ladies getting anything from the Red She Said Collection? I just ordered Pomposity Lipstick, and Threesome, Outspoken, Danger Zone (I hope the red is a true red eyeshadow on this one) and inter-view mineralized eyeshadow trios. I have the complete set of 16 dazzleglass from the first...
  2. Lip_gloss_whore

    Electro Flash~ What Are U Getting????

    I got a chance to see the eyeshadows in this collection at my local MAC store yesterday. I have decided to get Odd Couple, Sea &Sky, Fresh Green mix, and Hot Contrast so far..... I probably will end up getting a few more... LOL I haven't seen any of the lip products yet I will wait until the...
  3. Lip_gloss_whore

    Just Because I Felt Like Shopping Haul

    I went to the mall yesterday because I feeling down, so I decided to buy myself some new clothes. Somehow I felt a magnet pulling me towards the MAC store. LOL I had a great MUA helping me she was very helpful. Sometimes I find MAC artists to be a little stuck up.... Here's what I got...