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  1. Cinci


    Looking for MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover.. Finally ran out of my stash :(
  2. Cinci

    Anyone in the K-W-C?

    Hey everyone! I've recently moved from Northern Ontario to Cambridge.. Is anyone else on here from the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge area or close by?
  3. Cinci

    Does anyone know where I can buy this nailpolish (pigment) display stand?

    I have 2 of these nailpolish stands that I use to store my pigments, however my pigment collection has now grown so much that I need atleast one, if not 2 more. I previously had a friend pick these up for me in vancouver, but the store has now sold out of these and will probably not be bringing...
  4. Cinci

    IMATS Vancouver 2010

    Hey Ladies, IMATS Vancouver is coming up on April 17 & 18, 2010! Is anyone else attending? What are you guys looking forward to the most? I'm looking forward to all the demos and checking out the Temptu airbrush system in person... And of course all the great deals on make up! Keynote...
  5. Cinci

    "My Home Town" Video

    Hey, I just wanted to share this with you guys! I think it's pretty cool coming from a small town in Northern Ontario... This is a song done by a kid from Thunder Bay. It was posted a few days ago and has gone completely viral. He's already been contacted by EMI and some other music producers...
  6. Cinci

    Have Select Cover Up Color Correctors been Faked?

    Does anyone know if the Select Cover Up Color Correctors have been faked? I bought a Color Corrector Yellow off ebay (I figured I'd take a chance on it as this isn't an item that there is a ton of on ebay, which you would think there would be if they were producing fakes, and I didnt think...
  7. Cinci

    MAC Purifying Toner PA-1 (For Oily Skin) or PA-3?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this or not.. If it's not, could the mods please move it to the appropriate place? Anyways, I was wondering if anyone can anyone tell me more about this product? What collection was it from? Or was it a perm item before? I believe that it...
  8. Cinci

    Question for you Ladies in Pheonix, AZ

    I hae a friend who will be in Phoenix for 5 days in May. She'll be there over the weekend but in meetings during the daytime. I was wondering - Can you suggest some of the must see local attractions/restaurants/nightlife that she should check out? Thanks
  9. Cinci

    Cute fox videos!

    I don't know if i'm allowed to post links in here or not.. but if not, please let me know... anyways, I came accross these two videos and thought they were the cutest things! I just had to share! - Wild fox playing on trampoline in backyard - Foxes Jumping on a...
  10. Cinci

    Have you had a man be faithful?

    ok, sorry for posting 3 different threads, but in order to dispaly more accurate results, I had to create seperate polls. In consideration of the discussion about "all men cheat".. It's time to focus on the positive! Have you ever been in, or are you in a commited relationship with a man...
  11. Cinci

    Have you been cheated on?

    I wish I could post 2 polls on one thread! Anyways, considering the topic about "all men cheat".. Have you been cheated on by your (past/present) man?
  12. Cinci

    Ladies: Have you cheated?

    ok, so with the discussion about "all men cheat" in mind.. I decided to create a poll to go with it to see just how women compare in relation to our perception of men's habits. Ladies.. Have you cheated?
  13. Cinci

    What's the first thing you look at?

    So ladies.. I looked to see if anyone started a thread about this but didn't find anything. If this is a repeat please merge this with the other thread... so anyways.... I'm curious.. When you log on to Specktra, what's the first section you look at? For me, I always go straight to the...
  14. Cinci

    August & September Haul - Pic Heavy

    Pigments - Frost, Naked, Deep Brown Paint Pots - Painterly, Fresco Rose Black Track Fluidline Studio Fix Powder & Liquid in NC30 Lipstick - Show Orchid, Pervette Plushglass - Bountiful Wheat Brow Finisher GraphBlack Technakohl Eyeshadow Refill - Crystal, Bisque Color Corrector - Blonde Ash 2x 15...
  15. Cinci

    MAC Haul

    Top - Pro Eye Makeup Remover, Green Gel Cleanser, Blot Powder (Dark) Pigments - Left to Right - Chocolate Brown, Kitschmas, Cool Pink, Grape, Kelly Green Pro Pan Eyeshadows - Bronze, Woodwinked, Tempting, Naked Lunch, Sattelite Dreams, Swimming Potted Eyeshadows - Grand Entrance (x2)...
  16. Cinci

    The beginning of my financial ruin... w/ PICS

    Ok, well once upon a time, there was this girl who loved the color green. She was looking for a green eyeshadow to match her car.. So she mentioned it to a friend of hers that was a makeup artist.. A few days later, the makeup artist friend came back to her with a pretty new eyeshadow...
  17. Cinci

    Pink swatches

    Swatched on top of Painterly Paint Pot. (note: In these pictures I think that the Ben Nye looks a little more reddish than it really is when you put it next to the MUFE Star Powder) Top to Bottom: Ben Nye "Azalea", Make Up For Ever "Iridescent Fuchsia" Star Powder, and MAC "Passionate" e/s...
  18. Cinci

    Can anyone suggest an Out To Shock dupe?

    I'm almost out of my Out To Shock lipstick from the C-Shock collection and looking for a new lip product to replace it.. Can anyone suggest a current mac color that is similiar to it (without being too peachy)? It doesn't matter the product type, lipstick, lipglass, lip liner, etc...
  19. Cinci

    Need help choosing new Conealer / Foundation

    We don't have a MAC where I live, and I wanted to order some new concealers/powder online and was hoping maybe someone could suggest a shade that might work for me... I was using Studio Fix C4 for my powder (which matches my skin very well), and NW25 Studio Finish Concealer to hide my under...