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  1. Xqueeze_me

    === List of fake MAC products and Analysis/Comparisons/Guides ===

    I will try to update this list constantly if any newer fake pops up! Please do not hesitate to send me a PM if I miss anything. Thanks for looking!! AS AT OCTOBER 2008: BATCH CODE Batch Codes, please click --------> PIGMENT &...
  2. Xqueeze_me

    MAC Entremauve pigment vs MAC Grape pigment

    Just thought I'd put this up since they're such a close match! Entremauve vs. Grape Flash vs. No Flash
  3. Xqueeze_me

    MAC multipack/trial sizes

    Not too sure if MAC released this with the Strobe collection but here goes:
  4. Xqueeze_me

    Strange numbered markings on the back of trays

    So I purchased these from an eBay seller. I wouldn't rule them out as fake since the packaging is 99% legit but the strange numbered markings on the back of the tray makes me wonder why it is so... Would anyone be able to let me know if these are marked samples or something, please? Thanks in...
  5. Xqueeze_me

    Shepherd's Pie for dinner!! WITH RECIPE! (24/04/2008)

    *I just reheated and finished the remaining/leftover about 5 hours ago. It tastes so much better!! I suppose the essence/aroma of the ingredients sets in overnight?* Just when I remembered salt and pepper, thinking I will get it later, I completely forgot to add them!!! Simmering...
  6. Xqueeze_me

    Eyeshadow PACKAGING comparison - Authentic vs. Counterfeit (Pic heavy!) April 2008

    UPDATE AS OF MARCH 2009, THERE ARE BETTER FAKES OUT THERE NOW AS THE COUNTERFEITERS MAKE THEM WITH SMOOTH EYESHADOW PANS NOW AS DISCOVERED BY panda0410 (Thanks ). Updated as at April 2008! Thanks to Julie for the fake eyeshadow! XD [C]ounterfeit on the left and [A]uthentic on the right...
  7. Xqueeze_me

    eBay and Paypal Report (Video)

    I missed this video which was aired a few weeks ago on Australian TV, Channel 7's Today Tonight. Fortunately, someone posted that video up on YouTube! It's about eBay and Paypal not doing their job. eBay's Director of Trust and Safety, Alastair MacGibbon = bullsh*t artist! I love how they cut...
  8. Xqueeze_me

    eBay (AUSTRALIA) cuts payment options

    April 10, 2008 10:00am NEW security changes to auction website eBay Australia will affect the way buyers purchase goods, and funnel more funds into its coffers. Under the changes, direct deposits, money orders and personal cheques will no longer be listed as a payment...
  9. Xqueeze_me

    FAKE Deep Purple Pigment (Updated as of 14 March 08) - ***Pic Analysis***

    If this page decides to slide off the surface of the earth, please just look for my profile because I will be putting this thread’s link into my signature. Thank you! LEFT = [C]ounterfeit RIGHT = [A]uthentic BOXES THE TOP THE SIDE [C] – Scratched surface (Easily) [C] – Crappy...
  10. Xqueeze_me

    11-year-old boy marries 10-year-old cousin

    Here's the article. I feel sad for these 2 kids. They're not even in high school and are already preparing to get married. COUSINS too! Wouldn't the mix of DNA cause some abnormality to their kids when they (want to) have kids in the future...?
  11. Xqueeze_me

    Historical Threads

    This is an absolute AWESOME idea!! READ-ONLY Archive. Whoever thought of it, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  12. Xqueeze_me

    Can I just say "wow"?

    This Real Doll barbie lipstick must be really popular. NEW Mac Barbie Collection REAL DOLL lipstick RARE!!
  13. Xqueeze_me

    OMFG You've GOT to be kidding me?!

    $91 for a counterfeit cream palette eyeshadow. Authentic? MY ASS. BLUE I LAKE, CARMINE, CHROMIUM HYDROXIDE GREEN, CHROMIUM OXIDE GREEN, MANGANESE VIOLET, ULTRAMARINES, YELLOW 5 LAKE,...... <--- Uhhhh. They're ingredients? NOT F**KING COLOUR NAMES?! WTF. MAC BNIB C.R.E.A.M PALLETT 12...
  14. Xqueeze_me

    Backstreet Boys Concert 23-02-08!!!

    I wasn't very excited when I got to the concert arena but when the people started cheering in the arena, I got all excited. Then the excitement sort of died when it was only the opening act by Bryan McFadden. After he finished singing and we had the intermission, I wasn't that excited again BUT...
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    Another rant thread...

    He's English and came to Australia to work for a year. He was a manager of this cafe, Gloria Jeans, who hired me because he likes my attitude. A week later I was hired, he confessed that he liked me and kept telling me about his current gf who was a pain bla bla bla. So few days later, he broke...
  16. Xqueeze_me

    The lengths this lady would go to...

    I received this via email and thought its interesting to share it here.
  17. Xqueeze_me

    Liquid eyeliner and MAC Pigments Art

    Sooooo I got really bored, looked at the liquid eyeliner and just started drawing on the above of my left knee! This is how it was after I drew it: And I thought, it looks quite plain. Then "What about adding colours to it?" using what MAC Pigments and residues I have left for myself (Sold...
  18. Xqueeze_me

    My Rubenesque Paint Pot is moulding...?

    Rubenesque is my first paint pot.. The last time I used it was 1+ months ago. Then today I had a look... its molding! :/ I tried wiping them off but no go... Does that happen to just me or is there someone out there who's got the same problem?
  19. Xqueeze_me

    Newly opened MAC Store in Hong Kong

    Hi there.. Not sure where to post this.. Just wanted to share with the Specktrettes regarding a newly opened MAC Store in Hong Kong. I got this from a magazine that my sis buys religiously every week! The shop ps: Apologies for the crappy pic quality.. hehe
  20. Xqueeze_me

    Himalayan Kitties @ Pet Shop

    I just HAVE to share these with all of you! [I do feel a sad to see them caged like that! I wish I can afford to take them home but "No Pets" allowed at home. *sighs*] The kitties sleeping in the display box @ the Pet Shop I love how this kitty was sleeping face down! And then this kitty...