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  1. sassyinpink

    Eczema Sufferers

    omg, read through this whole thread, bring back so many memories. i suffered from eczema since young, and thankfully, after my teens, it reduced a lot in magnitude. it did flare up now and then but i have an aunt who recommended blogger's benefits from crocodile oil for eczema skincare. crazy...
  2. sassyinpink

    Do you like to travel?

    Me! I love camping! You can spot me like this blogger of camping in hammocks. HAHAHAHA seriously, i just came back from a camping trip last month. Oh man, it going to get cold soon and I have to wait for a long time for my next travel trip :(
  3. sassyinpink

    Menstrual cup? Anyone has experience?

    yeah i have feeling too that its either you love it or you hate it
  4. sassyinpink

    Menstrual cup? Anyone has experience?

    oh dear. :( now i am nervous.
  5. sassyinpink

    Menstrual cup? Anyone has experience?

    oh dear. now i am not so motivated to hear so many negative comments on menstrual cups :(
  6. sassyinpink

    Menstrual cup? Anyone has experience?

    yeah i was reading on a blogger reviews and benefits of menstrual cups and i got very motivated. i mean its so cheap especially if i can reuse it. i will be like saving hundreds every year? so is leakage that bad? in the end, did you change another size or just completely give up and go back to...
  7. sassyinpink

    Workout Music

    here for the workout music! though to be frank i am exercising only in my small desk office lol
  8. sassyinpink

    What are your interests and hobbies?

    i love camping! i love cooking, i love taking care of myself and my health
  9. sassyinpink

    If you could sleep with ONE celebrity.....

    Tom Cruise. teehee. im so in love with him :)
  10. sassyinpink

    Former Specktra member coming back home

    hey how do I like someone's message? lol i can't remember how to do it on a computer
  11. sassyinpink

    lose weight

    exactly! i skip breakfast and enjoy fasting for a long period (from dinner time till next day lunchtime) a rough estimate shows that I eating 1/3 less calories per day now haha
  12. sassyinpink

    Plant Diet / Clean eating

    i am trying to eat less meat too, zero alcohol (tough) and no sugar. finally reduce my intake of sweet drinks to close to zero. cutting down on desserts too. now whenever i eat meat, i try to eat white meat. and if there is nice vegetarian options, i will always opt for it. still halfway...
  13. sassyinpink

    Can going on a diet cause depression?

    i believe that on a diet, the lack of carbohydrates may cause you to be more depressed. i feel that most of the time, its habit and getting used to certain routine and way of eating. if you can, how about doing it slowly instead, adapt. for example i used to love sweet drinks. I didn't give up...
  14. sassyinpink

    Menstrual cup? Anyone has experience?

    i am fine with the convenient, because both work place and most of the places i hang out has decent bathroom stalls. however, the leaking part is bad.. i don't want to be embarrassed!
  15. sassyinpink

    Menstrual cup? Anyone has experience?

    Oh. oh no... leaking? thats horrible. so in the end you give up on using?
  16. sassyinpink

    Menstrual cup? Anyone has experience?

    thinking of trying menstrual cup, anyone has experience with this? please share. doesn't matter if u had tried luna cup or diva cup or lazy monk cup or moon cup or flex cup or period cup.. just want to know how was your first time using it, is it convenient, does it leak, do you feel it inside you?
  17. sassyinpink

    How to look younger?

    the 1 reason why we don't look younger is because of.... STRESS seriously. the worst is work.. we work we get stressed, and we get our paychecks for skin care, anti ageing and we don't get enough money and we get more stress.....
  18. sassyinpink

    All Things Beautylish

    would the gift card sales be around black friday?
  19. sassyinpink

    Former Specktra member coming back home

    finally i am back too! lol
  20. sassyinpink

    How to find RECENT threads

    is there a search bar? i trying to find my topics