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  1. Aerynna

    Favorite MAC plum lipstick?

    And by plum, I mean anything purplish, lavendarish. Can be a purple-red, a plummy pink, a straight up purple, a lavender glaze....whatever. I'm NW20, and my favorite is my love, Hyper, for lipstick, or Pop Mode for lipgloss. I also adore Desire. But plums for lips are my absolute favorite so...
  2. Aerynna

    MAC "Perpetuate" lipglass?

    There's a swatch of "Perpetuate" in the Chrome & Cream swatch thread. I'm confused b/c there's no color called Perpetual in Chrome & Cream and it doesn't look like any of the colors. But it's the prettiest color I've seen in a long time and would love to get it. Does anyone have any...
  3. Aerynna


    It seems like everyone has kind of skipped over this color story, though it is still listed. Does anyone know what this will consist of/what it is?