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  1. queenofdisaster

    hellllllllos out there!

    anyone remember me?? been MIA for about a year but I'M BAAAAAAAAAACK! lols.. i missed this specktra indeed
  2. queenofdisaster

    its been a long time, but here he is!

    i miss it around here, but im never online anymore due to work status! just thought id share some pics of my baby boy.. i miss everyone here!!
  3. queenofdisaster

    21 year old mom needs a new conservative look... lol

    i want to wear more blouses and things like that but still want to look and feel sexy, i'm 21, so i'm still young. but i don't want to look like a trendy teenager. i wear a lot of clothes from hollister right now, but i just don't feel right wearing those things anymore. i want to look more...
  4. queenofdisaster

    i just need to VENT!!!!

    i haven't been on specktra much lately. it used to be my home away from home, but now i just don't have the time. sadly, i'm to the point where i'm not even caring too much for makeup at all period. i just don't have the time, energy or especially, money. as some may know, i started training...
  5. queenofdisaster

    San Francisco CCO Update *CLOSED*

    so my b-day is august 30th and i'll probably be going to SF in september. what's the closest CCO? :-) TIA!
  6. queenofdisaster

    glimmershimmer help in live chat :)

    info: Welcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. One of our Artists will be with you shortly. info: Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Erika. How may I assist you? Heather: Hi! I have read the description of the glimmershimmers, but I was wondering if you had any examples...
  7. queenofdisaster


    it's been awhile.. i don't look the greatest, i self tanned, now instead of being too dark, my face is too light. but i love my tan! onto the face... (i wish my camera didn't suck so bad!) face: everyday minerals in fairly light warm fleurry blush eyes: UDPP chocolate brown pigment in crease...
  8. queenofdisaster

    okay, so i know i hauled yesterday. haha.

    this was today's haul: spiked eyebrow pencil (exchanged lingering) PERFECT match! light MSF (forgot how much i LOVED this) springsheen blush (should have got smile from the icon collection haha) and b2m of hug me l/s not too sure if i love hug me or not... but eh, we'll try it with a lipglass...
  9. queenofdisaster

    :::amazon quad, where have you been all my life?:::

    okay so i finally bought the amazon quad yesterday and HOLY MALORTIA! i'm in lurrrvvvve. the right brushes make a WORLD of difference too. i used the 223, 239 and 209 on my eyes and the 187 and 169 on my face. face: studio fix N3 fix+ and silver dusk mixture to set studio fix taupe blush with...
  10. queenofdisaster

    great MA haul!!!

    great MA experience roday at MAC!!! she was awesome. we sat there for about 30 minutes trying on foundations, and since i have a neutral skintone and am super pale, nothing matched perfectly. everything i had been using that i THOUGHT worked wasn't working. lol. so i walked away with: N3 studio...
  11. queenofdisaster

    awesome recipe

    you all should try this. my hubby made it for me for our first anniversary dinner. it is EXTREMELY spicy, so you might want to use less red pepper. but it is YUMMY! CAJUN SEAFOOD PASTA INGREDIENTS * 2 cups heavy whipping cream * 1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil * 1 tablespoon...
  12. queenofdisaster haul <333

    i LOVE this stuff. this time i got an oil burner with two cups of scent in buttery chocolate (YUM) and toffee macchiato. they smell DELICIOUS, and my whole house smells like i've been making chocolate all day haha!! i also got a buttery chocolate linen spray. my bedroom smells HEAVENLY!
  13. queenofdisaster

    what are people thinking?

    lol, so the ebay barbie craze has died. thank god. but i saw someone on there trying to sell MAC barbie's OUTFIT for $45.00 BIN. ridiculous.
  14. queenofdisaster


    this is crazy i just heard on the news that a guy i went to school with was FINALLY arrested (4 years later) for killing and robbing an 83 year old man in his home in a senior apt complex. i am happy for the man's family that justice is finally served. don't you hate when you can see through...
  15. queenofdisaster

    i just realized...

    i cant believe it's already 2007... i just got to REALLY thinking about it right now and i want to cry. haha. life flies by, it sucks. i wish it would go slower. ok just wanted to rant. nm. lol.
  16. queenofdisaster

    tiny barbie haul

    so, since the lovely viva_la_MAC_girl helped me decide i needed 2 barbies, lol.... so i got 2 barbies!!! and springtime skipper and mothbrown eyeshadow so i'm waiting on all of it in the mail. hopefully soon i'm going to pick up magic dust and playful e/s's, fab blush, pearl sunshine b/p and...
  17. queenofdisaster

    choking scare!

    how do you all cope when your babies choke? omg my daughter choked on chex mix earlier and it scared me so bad i was in tears. me and my husband had to pull it out of her throat and pound on her back, he laid her over his knee and got it all out. she just loves to stuff her mouth full of food...
  18. queenofdisaster

    im kind of annoyed

    i posted an FOTD today.. it's called kryptonite, cuz its a green look. yeah, my eyebrows totally suck, but im not trying to show off the damn eyebrows. i posted it on LJ too, and every single comment i got was about my eyebrows. one girl said they were "scary creepy killer clown-ish" yeah, i...
  19. queenofdisaster

    kryptonite! ***pic heavy***

    i was actually happy with the way my m/u came out today! all mac unless noted face: fix+ and silver dusk mixture mix of everyday...
  20. queenofdisaster

    taking my daughter shopping.

    so i have my money saved up for the coveted barbie loves mac collection. but, i take the wee ones shopping, and my daughter's eyes completely LIGHT up when she sees "BOB BOB"! so i had to shell out like a gazillion dollars on freaking sponge bob square pants bathroom accessories. it's so cute...