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  1. sierrao

    Reddit makeup addiction rude girls (rant)

    Omg people on the reddit makeup addiction are so rude! I just asked a simple question about replacing a product and they are being rude and down voting my question as if I asked a horrifying question. And the question was, "would mac replace an item because I accidentally broke my mac foundation...
  2. sierrao

    I'm i in the wrong here?

    So tell me if I'm in the wrong or not. I have sold a makeup item to someone through pay pal, I got paid and the item has been shipped the next day. Shipping for this item was $12 because the buyer wanted it tracked. So that sucked cuz she said paid $20 for the item, which means I only made $8...
  3. sierrao

    Pathetic MAC counterfeit Makeup

    Look at this pathetic attempt to sell MAC eyeshadow! MAC would never put a sponge applicator in there quads and these eyeshadows don't even resemble MAC eyeshadow. I found this on my local criagslist page. I have reported it to the company.
  4. sierrao

    sephora holiday V.I.B. gift card

    hey so i just found this online Head's Up: Sephora VIB/BI's to Receive $20 or $15 gift card in mail - Forums is this the gift card that we're all getting excited about? idk but i thought we were all getting a gift card that the amount depends on what you spend over the year, so...
  5. sierrao

    sephora shopping party event haul

    hey everyone! so i went to the party and i got 20% off my entire purchase! so i got christmas presents for my sister. i got her: the sephora 2009 blockbuster a primer potion and the lash stash im also planning to get her the 13pc brush set from costal sister moved out on her own...
  6. sierrao

    VIB holiday shopping event!

    hey everyone! i just got my invite in the mail to attend sephora's holiday shopping event, im so excited! mine is nov 12 from 7-9
  7. sierrao

    sephora VIB shopping party

    hey! i was just wondering if anybody knows when the VIB shopping party is going to be? when i became a VIB, in the letter it said something about how theres going to be a christmas party or something like that. im excited to go but idk when its going to be cuz i dont wanna miss out on it.
  8. sierrao

    VS pink private shopping night

    hey! so this sunday VS is having a private shopping night, i was thinking about going but the closest one to me is 3 hours away, so i was wondering if its worth the trip up there? it says there giving out special offers and gift cards. i just dont want to go all the way up there and end up...
  9. sierrao

    victorias secret pink

    hey! my recent obsession besides makeup is the VS pink line of clothes. i was wondering why do they have all the nice hoodies and sweatpants in the stores but dont have them online to purchase? im guessing cuz there exclusize to the stores idk. i would love to buy some online so i can use the...
  10. sierrao


    hey everyone Im really scared that the world is going to end in 2012, with everything thats going on right now with the whole mayan calender, scientific predictions and so many other things about the world coming to a end. I know i probley sound crazy but i dont want us to die. we got our...
  11. sierrao

    OMG look at this

    i just stumbled apon this a month ago. i used to live in japan a couple of years ago but i have never seen girls look like this . some girls acctually use a white paint pen for there eyes
  12. sierrao

    what should i do?

    hey everyone! Im fresh out of high school and im still undicided about what i want to do for schooling. I really dont want to go back to learning about math, english, or any other boring subjects because I just did 12 years of that crap, why would i want to go back? im thinking about going to...
  13. sierrao

    bangs, should i get them or should i not?

    hey! im getting tired of my hair now, my bangs are all grown out now and im thinking about getting my hair cut like scene hair but i dont really want bangs because there alot of hard work. they look cute but you always got to worry about them being perfect for example: if you sleep on them...
  14. sierrao

    striving to be a hooters girl

    hey everyone! Im 18 and i want to become a hooters girl, my parents are totally fine with it. Does anybody have any advice for me to get the job?
  15. sierrao

    MAC mall of america

    hey everybody! im going to MoA for a graduation present and i was wondering what should i buy at the mac freestandings store while im there? and does the mac in MoA take depotted eyeshadows for back 2 mac?
  16. sierrao

    Prom shoes

    i know this sounds crazy but to find cheap prom shoes go to google and type in stripper shoes. they are way less then other prom shoes stores online, and they have the same exact shoes! 4 Inch Heels, Prom Shoes, Sexy Shoes, High Heels
  17. sierrao

    this is too fake!

    look at this link, all the products on this site are fake! Mac Eyes Shadow 27 Make up Eyes, Mac Eyes [] - $7.00 : Mac Make up Cosmetics Wholesale Nars Make up Discount Make up, Make up
  18. sierrao

    abercrombie's new wakely perfume

    i smelled it at the store at first it smells like orange juice but after a minute or two it goes away and i love it!
  19. sierrao

    mac charged water vs. fix +

    which one is better? they both seem to do the same thing
  20. sierrao

    stores like the cco in st.louis, mo?

    hi! im going to st.louis next weekend, and i was wondering if they had a store similar to the cco there? its a big city and i know they dont have a cco, can someone give me a good alternative? please!