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  1. whosheis

    20080112 - first post of the year :D

    Haven't played with makeup in a while so yay face: Meow Mineral foundation, Stereo Rose MSF, Lightscapade MSF eyes: parrot, teal pig, black tied, rice paper and I can't remember one of them. Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara lips: pink cabana
  2. whosheis

    20070712 - Getting ready to watch Chinese Opera

    Literally, King Lear in Chinese Opera. I think if it wasnt for the subtitles that I could barely see, I would've been pretty lost when the actor started singing o.o Face: EDM Light Neutral in Semi-Matte, EDM Concealer, EDM Silk Powder, MAC Stereo Rose MSF, MAC Bronzer, MAC Lightscapade. Lips...
  3. whosheis

    my ikea vinstra cabinet

    After staring at it for 3 months, I finally took the plunge and bought one. I love it sucha big mirror and great space for storing all my makeup xD.. although it took too long to assemble it lol and boy was it heavy o.o
  4. whosheis

    20070707 I'm creative at titles

    lol yea. Had to do some minor photoshopping cause my skin is going a bit nuts on me. oh and that little logo thingy, gonna use that for my makeup blog which I just started a few days ago ;] Face: MAC Prep and Prime SPF50, Pure Luxe Creme Eraser, EDM concealer, EDM Light Neutral in...
  5. whosheis

    Dupe Spreadsheet Galore

    Finals week and this is what I'm doing lol. Still adding on to it. If there is anything anyone one would like to add, please leave a comment here :]. I'm working on the MAC ones first before spreading out to other brands
  6. whosheis

    camwhoring is fun

    especially when you are sick! >.< therefore only one picture. lol i looked high in the 53 others :X Eyes: UDPP MAC Pollen MAC Aquavert MAC Lustreleaf UD Steamy MAC Creme de Violet MAC Blacktrack Fluidliner Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara Face: MAC Primer Potion for skin MAC Body and Face foundation...
  7. whosheis

    Yay, finally found my camera (2 fotds)

    however I wish I can remember what I used lol. These were taken over the last two weeks
  8. whosheis

    Lets Pretends Its MySpace FOTD

    lol I couldnt help it. I'm guilty for slowing becoming a picture whore lol What I used from what I can remember off the top of my head Eyes Crystal Avalanche, Ricepaper, Parrot, Sushi Flower, Blue Absinthe, Blacktrack F/L, Shiseido Mascara Base, YSL Faux Cil Effet Face Moistureblend NC 30...
  9. whosheis

    Ignore my brows

    I totally ran outta time to do my brows and I ran outta time to do makeup actually lol. Gah. I had to run to class lol (yet somehow I managed to take pics :x) .. too lazy to list everything sooooo lol i'll just do what I can remember from the top of my head. crystal avalanche, ricepaper...
  10. whosheis

    Absolute! Eyeshadow

    Has anyone heard of it? I just found it at a d/s near my store and they were pretty cheap. Like $.99 each. They sorta remind me of NYX eyeshadows. Pigment and the texture.
  11. whosheis

    Pimple on my nose

    Ignore that lol -__- been through some stress lately from school . I also think I need to buy a new foundation lol. hmm and the flash sorta killed some parts lol. yay for cropping off 1/2 of my face lol :x now for the goodies Parrot, Ricepaper, Chrome Yellow, Aquadisiac, Sushi Flower, Da...
  12. whosheis

    My Makeup Collection

    last time on 10/15/2005 now (This isn't even everything. My camera died lol o__o) .. I'll list everything else another time lol :x
  13. whosheis


    I'm Christine. I'm from NYC, 20, student at FIT and I got addicted to MAC around a year ago ^^. Thats all I can think off for now lol.