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  1. mariserinb

    fyrinnae mephisto <3

    i love my fyrinnae shadows....unfortunately i am not very good at photographing them. the main color in this is called mephisto, but i don't think the duochrome shows up that great....oh well :/ p.s. i resized all the photos, but they aren't showing up smaller for me. not sure what to do...
  2. mariserinb

    major FOTD dump-o-rama...PIC HEAVY!

    so i have been lazy about posting FOTDs since like this is what happens. and there are plenty i didn't take pics of or got annoyed because i couldn't get a good pic. so now here is where i try to remember every makeup item i have used in these looks.... and i resized the pics, so...
  3. mariserinb

    best SILICONE-FREE, long-lasting primer for combo skin

    i am deathly afraid of a primer clogging my pores and breaking me out, so i am looking for a primer that will keep my makeup on ALL DAY that is silicone-free and hopefully with an SPF. i have combo skin. i prefer a natural primer, but other ones are fine, too. suggestions?
  4. mariserinb

    small malm vs large malm

    so i was really excited because my parents said they would buy me a malm for my birthday. and then i saw that the large one is discontinued. does anyone know how the dimensions of the small one compare? specifically the drawer itself? if not, does anyone know of anything close to it from...
  5. mariserinb

    my birthday looks!

    for my birthday i went out one night and then went to dinner the are the various looks (i kept switching lip colors) so for the first look i had a few skin mishaps.....first with a non-eye safe pigment, after which i was luckily able to cover the redness. but then a waxing mishap...
  6. mariserinb

    bday look: know the colors, need advice!

    so for my birthday i'm looking to do some kind of combo using the following colors on my eyes: mac full force violet pigment (if you haven't seen it, it's a SERIOUSLY bright matte purple) carbon (or some other kind of black) stars and rockets i'm open to any add-ons. i like smoky and dramatic...
  7. mariserinb

    my matte blush always looks splotchy!

    grrrr....i like to wear matte blush almost every day. i use either nars or milani. i have tried about a million different brushes, and no matter what, it always ends up splotchy--darker in some areas, or looking like i applied it in a weird shape.... never had this problem with more shimmery...
  8. mariserinb

    pink bronze bronze bronze

    first time i tried pink bronze. kinda went for an overall sun-kissed bronzey look to go with it (since i'm pale and all). face: the usual plus trish mcevoy bronzer trish mcevoy highlighter nars blush in amour eyes: pink bronze pigment expensive pink nylon too faced mess in a dress e/s...
  9. mariserinb

    bright fuschia for valentine's day

    haven't posted in a while, didn't feel like i had anything worth putting up. but i like how this came out. but i think the blending looked nicer in person....stupid camera flash. here's what i used: eyes: smashbox lid primer nyx jumbo pencil in yogurt nyx e/s in black (outer lid and crease)...
  10. mariserinb

    searching for the perfect mauveish pinkish lipstick....and i'm stuck! is what i am looking for.... a cool-toned mauvey pink that is not too bright, perhaps a little "dusty" looking, NOT shimmery. somewhat of a "my lips but better" shade, but dustier and mauvier, because creme cup is pretty much my lip color. i'd say something like a less bright...
  11. mariserinb

    my new fave neutral look

    so i decided to go for neutrals for once...but this is from a couple of weeks ago, so i'll try to remember everything i's all the usual face stuff so i won't go over that.... eyes: brule, haux, brun, phloof e/s blacktrack fluidline cg lashblast mascara cheeks: nars blush in amour (i...
  12. mariserinb

    sparkly holiday party look (pic heavy!!!)

    so i spent forever trying to coordinate my look dress was dark blue and sparkly but i wore black tights and shoes. and i was set on silver on my eyes. so here is what i came up with.....kinda hard to capture in photos cuz it looks so different in each one, but i tried to get pics of...
  13. mariserinb

    soft green....definitely not my usual :)

    i live in miami and flew to dc to visit home for a bit. we went out to dinner with some family friends and this is the look i did.....definitely a more toned down look for me but i love how it turned out! oh and i hate static!!! what i used: face: bare minerals foundation benefit erase paste...
  14. mariserinb

    my first haul post!

    too excited about all this stuff not to share! this is from about the past two weeks or so....i've been on kind of a binge and now i'm officially on a moratorium for a month and a half. this stuff is from sephora, mac, ulta, and makeup geek (the pigments and nyx shadow). i am lucky because...
  15. mariserinb

    amber lights + lavender whip

    sooo....look at me i actually decided to go out and be social! (on the night before my final...oops). judging from these pics, what i need to do is go out during the day! lol....i think this is my best blending job so far, i'm improving! anyways, hope you enjoy! this is what i used: face...
  16. mariserinb

    baby loves to dance in the dark, cuz when he's lookin she falls apart

    so, instead of studying for my final....i did a major job on my eyebrows, played with makeup, and listened to lady gaga i was in desperate need of a brow overhaul. for some reason grad school and eyebrow up-keep do not agree.....lemme know if you think they came out okay! i cleaned up the...
  17. mariserinb

    style black blue flame eotd

    i finally made my blue flame mes work! SO THRILLED! i took the pics before i did my lips though anyway.... updated: added a pic w/ my lips done! face: benefit erase paste bare minerals foundation benefit high beam nyx blush in pinky eyes: smashbox lid primer nyx jumbo e/s pencil in black...
  18. mariserinb

    my thanksgiving fotd

    finally got a photobucket account! here's my look from thanksgiving....i dyed my hair red last week so i went with some warm colors. but my hair isn't done in these pics so ignore that part i used: face: benefit erase paste bare minerals foundation in fairly light a milani blush that i can't...
  19. mariserinb

    using my new violet and cobalt smudgepots! clearly i need some photography tips. what looks super bright and vivid in the mirror doesn't look as amazing in pictures! you can't really tell in the pics, but it goes from violet at the outside, to cobalt, to light blue, to white in the inner lid. i swear it looks cool in person...
  20. mariserinb

    mac red no. 5 lipstick dupe???

    not sure if i am posting this in the right thread.... but does anyone know of a good dupe for mac red no. 5 lipstick????? thanks!