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  1. StyleBlack

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Shades

    Hey ladies, Have any of you tried any of the individual palette shades by ABH? Thoughts? I'm trying to decide on shades to complete a 6 palette, but besides Carob, it's been tough trying to find swatches on brown skin. I've narrowed it down to Peaches & Cream, L'Orange, Copper Brown, and...
  2. StyleBlack

    The NC50 Miss List!

    I'm piggy-backing off the NC50 thread! Which products did you think you'd like but ended up being an absolute miss, waste of money, surprisingly terrible on your NC50 skin?? List the product and why it was not for you. Foundations: MUFE HD foundation (all the dark shades...
  3. StyleBlack

    Reel Sexy & Trés Cheek

    I know this thread is completely useless without pics, but I saw the lipsticks and blushes in person at the store today! I'm NW45/47-ish for reference. Reel Sexy: Reel Sexy: It's *nothing* like any of the coral lipsticks that have come out recently. It's lighter, softer, and...
  4. StyleBlack

    Chen Man & Too Supreme

    What were your fave products (if any) from Chen Man & Too Supreme? I'd have to say FOL lipglass from Chen Man, and Imperial Red sheen supreme lipglass. I haven't tried Zen Rose sheen supreme lipstick yet, but I'm sure I'll cave soon enough with all you enablers posting on here!
  5. StyleBlack

    List Your Fave WOC Beauty Bloggers

    Within the last week, I've come across a bunch of dope blogs by fellow WOC! Before I started my blog last week, I literally only knew of a few, now I seem to be coming across new ones every day! Loving it. Who are your fave WOC beauty bloggers that you follow? List links so we can check...
  6. StyleBlack

    MAC Vera Collection

    Did you ladies get anything from this collection? I know Shop MAC Cook MAC is getting all the attention right now, but there are some nice items to check out in Vera. I liked the Aloha pigment stack and the pearl glides are amazing. I skipped the polishes because I have dupes from China Glaze...
  7. StyleBlack

    Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick - Sneak Peek

    So, you ladies inspired me to start a swatch blog today! With every MAC collection, one of us is always looking around for a swatch! I know I'm not the only one that hates digging around high & low for swatches on brown skinned girls, so I went ahead and set one up. And what better...
  8. StyleBlack

    FYI: MAC Black Friday Lipstick Re-Release

    For those of you into black lipstick, I just saw this on the website under "What's New." They're re-releasing their black lipstick from the Style Black collection for a limited time. Enjoy! From In honour of Black Friday, M∙A∙C is reissuing limited quantities of our...
  9. StyleBlack

    Which WOC would make a dope MAC collection?

    If you could choose any WOC (or MOC, I suppose) for a MAC color story, who would you like to see have a collection? My picks: Beyonce - based on her body of work, I think she'd make a fun, colorful, versatile, and edgy collection suitable for anybody Nicki Minaj - I know...
  10. StyleBlack

    Chanel Rouge Allure Laques Dragon (75)

    The color looks dreamy, but I'd like to see it on a brown-skinned girl :) Anyone have any swatches they can post?
  11. StyleBlack

    Okay, so you got the job at MAC. Now what??

    There are *lots* of great tips here for getting through the interview process, but what about when you actually get the gig? What advice do you have for new MAC employees on how to keep their new job? I know most will say the main things are meeting sales goals, providing great...
  12. StyleBlack

    The Ultimate Red Lip

    Hey Ladies! What are your favourite lipsticks or glosses to get you that super sexy, sultry red lip? I've been a "I don't wear color on my lips" chick for a looooong time. I just thought it always looked really strange and too bright on me. Then one day, I tried "If It's...