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  1. chupaleecabra

    Simple, easy way to clean your make-up brushes.

    Honestly, it's so simple! I've noticed that a lot of people take this too seriously, yes, keeping up and cleaning your applicators is a must, wouldn't want bacteria build up or maybe some caked on old foundation or eye shadow creeping up while you're trying to apply different make-ups. But...
  2. chupaleecabra

    My Current Obsession: Kimonos

    So, recently the past several times that I had paid a visit to my local outlet mall I've been seeing this trend of kimonos and I have got to say that I'm definitely in love with the whole look of it! Especially for summer, long and lovely(perfect for a day by the pool or at the beach paired with...
  3. chupaleecabra

    New to the site and currently OBSESSED!

    My name is Meghan and I happened to stumble upon this site while I was looking at different reviews for this elf eye shadow palette that my boyfriend just recently bought me. I am an aspiring make-up artist and stylist, currently I like to blog about reviews for different products so this site...