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  1. faithhopelove24

    Super Quick Grey Look

    I did this "super quick" before I had to drop my kids off at Awana's so it's nothing spectacular. I'm just trying to get in the habit of posting more Bear with me as I learn to work this Camera... It'l be better next time I used.. Face: NW45 concealer Eyes: UDPP, white eyeliner,vex...
  2. faithhopelove24

    St.Valentine's Day in the Snow

    We are suppsosed to ge a few inches of snow today! Can't wait to play in it!!! This is the look I wore to church today for Valentine's Day. Anyway, this is also my first pic since I've gone "natural" with my hair. I wore these colors to match my sarong.And yes, I wore a sarong in the snow...
  3. faithhopelove24

    Before the "Big Chop"

    HI all! So I decided to grow my hair out natural (without a relaxer) these are some pics of the MU I did BEFORE the "BIG CHOP". I don't think I'll be posting a FOTD again untl I grow a little bit more hair.(or at least find suitable headgear) LOL! I used... Face: MAC studio sculpt NW50...
  4. faithhopelove24

    Red Assasin

    Today was my hubby's 27th bitrhday so I got all "dolled up". Truthfully, that hasn't happened in ages. Sorry the shots are kind of blurry, my camera is starting to give out. And the money shot (hehe) I used... Face: Bobbi Brown SPF15 foundation in Chestnut Eyes: MAC delights...
  5. faithhopelove24

    Union Card

    This may be posted somewhere else but I cant seem to find a post on it so here's my question. Can anyone explain to me the benifits of a union card for a MUA and where do I get one? TIA Specktra Rocks!!!
  6. faithhopelove24

    paint the town pink (pic heavy)

    So Wednesday I went to City Hall to attend a meeting and this is the MU I wore. Once I was finally dressed I got there to find out I was soooooo overdressed. Anyway,this was the look. w/flash I used: Face: Full coverage NW50, Iman stick foundation, NW50 pressed powder Eyes:UDPP, Motif...
  7. faithhopelove24


    I was invited as a guest to "career day" at a local beauty school today. It was great fun! I met some wonderful people. This was the makeup I wore there. It looks like I'm wearing green but it's really blue. Please ignore my not so nice skin. I took these pics after it was all over so I was...
  8. faithhopelove24


    My hubby came up with the name. I'm not sure what he was thinking on this one (lol) This look is the finished product of my first tutorial. you can Find it in the tutorial contest section. Most of these colors came from the Delights palate I think it may have come out a couple of Christmas' ago...
  9. faithhopelove24

    Watermelon My very first :)

    So this is my first tut! I hope someone finds it helpful This is a full Tut Brows n' all Enjoy! This is a list of everything I used... (in no paricular order NW50 Full coverage foundation Smashbox Photofinish primer Urban Decay Primer potion Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black Mary Kay...
  10. faithhopelove24

    oldie but goodie

    I had the privalage to play in makeup last night while my hubby played with the kids a bit (thanks honey ) So I decided to play with an old quad... Diana eyes 2, here's what I got. I hope you like it! I used: Face: MAC mineral foundation in NW55 Eyes: UDPP, (Bare canvas only on the...
  11. faithhopelove24

    step out into the deep

    So I said to myself, let's try something NOT PINK and see what happens. So this is a product of that little experiement along with my new pink and purple hair. Some of the pics are little fuzzy because I was trying to use some diffrent settings on my camera. Anywho.. I hope you like It and I'm...
  12. faithhopelove24

    pinks...can't get away (pic heavy)

    For some reason I seem to be into "pinks". What's that about? Anywho.. Any suggestions are always welcome Face: MAC fix Fluid NW55,Lisha Lynn (LL) mineral poder foundation Eyes: Highlight: Bare Canvas, Lisha Lynn (LL) candy pink, LL sky pink, Crease:LL halo, LL Brown matte...
  13. faithhopelove24

    Surley goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

    Hi all! It's been a while since I posted. Hopefully soon I 'll be able to get back to doing the thing I love... makeup This look could've been done with a lot less colors but ya' know how it is when your playin' with colors one thing leads to another and 20 colors later.... whala! I...
  14. faithhopelove24

    pinks and blues

    The background colors of my wall make it hard to see the colors but I tried.. I used..MAC FAce & Body Foundation N9. MAC Blunt, Dame and Desert Rose blushes and Seedy Pearl (highlight). Mehron's Sapphire on the lids and MAC Waveline gel eyeliner (lid). MAC Blue Noir and Carbon (crease)...
  15. faithhopelove24

    my sister's makeup

    My husband's sister came for a visit and i did her makeup. it was kinda hard to do with all of our combined 6 kids runnung around at once... but here it is.. the before.. the after.... i used... Face MAC studio stick nc45 cheeks salsabelle ccb refined golden deep bronze Eyes...
  16. faithhopelove24

    solid gold soul

    I took my sister to MAC store today and this is what I wore... Nothing special. Hope ya'll like it I used.. Bamboom (base), Arena (highlight), Ben Nye aztec gold (lid), Coppering & Nars Exhibit A (crease), blue noir & beauty marked (outer V), Beauty marked & Mehron Aquamarine (upper...
  17. faithhopelove24

    can't decide which look to wear

    I can't decide which look is better, I don't know it's such a close call... I used all Mac unless otherwise stated... bare canvas (base), elite (highlight), Iman cedar chip (crease),Coppering(lid), beaauty marked (outer v), ben nye celestial bleu( lower lashline), some lashed from...
  18. faithhopelove24

    I'm a liitle rusty...

    It's bee a i'm in need of inspiration (amoung other things) this is my "trying not to look like a hussy look for church" look I used... bare canvas (base), naked lunch(highlight), Iman cedar chip(crease), folie(outer V) This is something a liitle more colorful... I...
  19. faithhopelove24

    Wild & Crazy

    This is my "wild & crazy I won't wear this in public" look. I used All MAC... Bare Canvas (base), Rose Gold (highlight), Tilt (lid), Blue Noir (crease),Light as Air (waterline), some lashes from Sally's beauty supply store.
  20. faithhopelove24

    help for grey eyed sisters

    Hey lovelys, I need to know what colors do you feel really make grey eyes "pop" or "stand out"? for instance I love to put Hush and Haux together on grey eyes, it looks amazing.