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  1. christineeee_

    nail polish haul

    these are all the nail polishes i bought this week, they are mainly china glaze. i got one opi nail polish: top row: pink underground, in the lime light, turned up turquoise, bing cherry bottom row: gargantuan green grape, secret peri-winkle, agent lavender, groovy green top row: harmony...
  2. christineeee_

    EOTD inspired by TDoll (Ungaro natural look)

    hey all, this is my first EOTD (i'm a n00b!), please be nice! i was just playing around before bed last night and i just realized i forgot to use a highlight under my browbone. here's what i used: UDPP soft ochre paint pot naked pigment soft flower e/s mineral e/s lilac touch e/s...
  3. christineeee_

    small mac & sephora haul (pic heavy)

    i got this stuff over a period of 2 weeks: sephora (online): L L.A.M.B. Fragrance By Gwen Stefani Gift Set harajuku lovers solid perfume coffret set Laura Geller Baked Basics samples: sephora (in-store): diorshow blackout sample, and UDPP (finally gonna try these out) MAC...
  4. christineeee_

    just been dumped

  5. christineeee_

    Heatherette Event Makeover using Trio 2

    I went to a Heatherette Event on March 29th and I just wanted to share the final result with you lovely specktra-ettes. I tend to make faces when I take pics lol... What my MA used: FACE: strobe liquid mineralize satinfinish NC25 ?? powder blush (dunno which one, my MA never told me...
  6. christineeee_

    Best Setting Powder for Mineralize Satinfinish

    what do you guys/girls think is the best setting powder for Mineralize Satinfinish? which setting powder finishes it off nicely? TIA
  7. christineeee_

    March Haul (includes Heatherette, BPB, Pigment Samples & more!)

    I've gone a little crazy this month with the hauling and I'm going to spend more on the 29th when i get my Heatherette makeover. I'm also waiting on some more pigment samples but I'll add pics of those when I get them. Here's what I got up until today (please click on the links to view images)...
  8. christineeee_

    bye bye fatty!

    i've gained 13 lbs since last summer (2007) and i'm disgusted with how fat my stomach has gotten. i did pilates a few years ago and i used to do HIIT on the treadmill in November/December 2006 but now i don't work out because i don't have the time to. i've been soo busy with school these past...
  9. christineeee_

    Brand New Lipglass Gone BAD

    I bought a 2N l/g from the MAC site a few weeks back and when I opened it, it smelt like crayons. I called customer service and I could barely understand what the lady was saying, but she said she wouldn't be able to send me another 2N l/g cuz its LE. it's still available online so I don't get...
  10. christineeee_

    best brushes for Sculpt and Shape?

    i dunno which brush to use to contour my nose. i'm thinking about getting the u think that's a good brush to use to contour? which brush do u think is the best to use for contouring the nose? AND which brush is best to use to sculpt the face? i have the 168 and i'm thinking about...
  11. christineeee_

    i can't focus!

    my philosophy paper is due tomorrow and i keep getting distracted. i keep logging on to specktra and i can't seem to stay focused. does anybody else have this problem? or is it just me? lol
  12. christineeee_

    my i can't sleep haul

  13. christineeee_

    Cult Fave or Viva Glam VI SE?

    if you had to choose, would you buy cult fave or viva glam vi se? i'm in the middle of shopping online and i dunno which i should put in my shopping cart :P
  14. christineeee_

    Research Papers

    I have to write a 12 page paper on Wal-Mart and neo-liberalism/globalization and I haven't even started yet :S I just don't know where to start...any ideas?
  15. christineeee_

    another haul...even though i'm broke!

    i had a test today and i'm having bf troubles so i decided to spend more money cuz spending money makes me happy even though i'm broke :P this is what i got: 187 brush (finally!) 217 brush 219 brush that's it, but it cost me $118...add that to the $997 that i spent these past two weeks and...
  16. christineeee_

    over $960 haul

    **update** i finally got time to take pics of my haul so click on the links below to view them: with flash: no flash, in natural light: I'm pretty much new to MAC, but i started buying...