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  1. commandolando

    Eyebrow help!

    Over the past few years whenever I've been to my local pro store, there's been a MUA with ah-mazing brows. I try to recreate them at home but of course they never turn out. I have very sparse browns that I shape pin-up. I finally found a photo with the brows that I need in my life! anyone know...
  2. commandolando

    MAC Mystery

    Into it!
  3. commandolando

    Lush Cosmetics will donate 100% of their profits to ANIMALS!

    I'm sure everyone has heard of the horrific slaughter of about 90 dogs up in Whistler, BC Canada. The dogs were healthy, active and could have been adopted out. They weren't killed humanly, each one suffered a horrible death. You can read more about the slaughter here...