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  1. BunnyBunnyBunny

    Help! Lipstick guessing game

    Hiya! I have acquired a BEAUTIFUL nude lipstick. However, it is a 'sample' and thus is only marked with it's working name. To make matters worse the label is in awful condition. It appears to say: COC GREASE (WORKING NAME) SAMPLE As I said, the label itself is in the worst condition, so it...
  2. BunnyBunnyBunny

    Tarina Tarantino

    Have you guys heard about Tarina at Sephora? Here's a link: TARINA TARANTINO at Sephora The packaging is a tad 5 year old but I really wanna try Black Butterfly and Brooch eyeshadows! If anyone gets some of it post here! Tell me your thoughts!
  3. BunnyBunnyBunny

    New MAC label looks FAKE

    I was unpacking stock today and I noticed a really really strange label on lipstick! If I hadn't opened it right out of the stock box I would have thought it was fake! I have a picture, it's like 3times as big as the new printed labels, and in a really weird font too. You can't tell from the...
  4. BunnyBunnyBunny

    Say bye to Mineralize Loose

    So we got a HUGE RTV request of everything listed in the current Discontinued thread. Something shocking (maybe not super shocking since it's not a hugely popular) is Mineralize Loose. Our RTV list told us to send back all of our Mineralize Loose products, which is like 5 drawers full. They want...
  5. BunnyBunnyBunny

    Price Increase - This time it's for real!

    Okay, so my counter just got a fax regarding price increases. This time it's for real with an entire list of updated prices. I'm trying to gain access to the Pro Pricing thread so I can update all products. So for US the price increase is effective August 1st, and most items are increasing by...
  6. BunnyBunnyBunny

    Cyndi Lauper & Lady GaGa Campaign

    GaGa hinted at this in her cover story with Rolling Stone Magazine. Cover by David LaChapelle and makeup by M.A.C. artist Sharon Gault! While describing Lady GaGa's hectic schedule, author Brian Hiatt says, "... [In New York] she'll shoot a M.A.C. Cosmetics campaign with [Cyndi] Lauper..."...
  7. BunnyBunnyBunny

    Several FOTDs and A Reborn Rabbit :3

    Some FOTDs that I neglected to share and some new hair O: Very old picture!! From last fall! All I know are eyes and lips! Eye Smoke & Ash Eyeshadow Suite Black Russian Pearlglide Liner Wolf Pearlglide Liner Feline Kohl Power Lip Lure Lip...
  8. BunnyBunnyBunny

    Comprehensive eyeshadow list?

    I know I saw one once posted somewhere around here! It included all powder shadows like... ever, including ones in palettes, sets, and quads. Could someone please direct me to it?
  9. BunnyBunnyBunny

    MAC packaging that is suspicious...

    Last week, I was in our stock room putting away a box of stock. I am stocking some Studio Fix Powder when I notice something suspicious. Instead of a clean little sticker, some of the brand new powders sent to us have the number printed on it in larger, uglier print. I wanted to let people know...
  10. BunnyBunnyBunny

    This just in: Price increase 2009

    My assistant manager just informed me that MAC products nationwide will be having price increases on January 1st, 2009. Increases will range from .50 to 1.50. I'm not sure if they are just going to update the products not increased last time (like lipglass and lipstick) or if it is everything...
  11. BunnyBunnyBunny

    Rockstar Rabbit Plus!

    Today was our Halloween theme day since it's the last day before Halloween that all of us work the same day. =P I was a Rockstar! 8D Face Moistureplush Creme Prep + Prime Skin Studio Finish Concealor Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Blot Powder Refined Golden Bronzer Bronze Bronzer...
  12. BunnyBunnyBunny

    MAC Pro - Chromaline Discussion

    Launching sometime in October is a new Pro item - Chromaline. I have no idea what these are but they will be 16.50 each and the colors are as follows: Pure White Black Black Primary Yellow Genuine Orange Basic Red Rich Purple Marine Ultra Landscape Green These are the same names as some of...
  13. BunnyBunnyBunny

    MAC Pro Prices

    Mods: Feel free to make this a sticky since I know this is a common issue, people looking for MAC Pro pricing. Here are the standard United States prices for MAC Pro items (no discount). If you are looking for something specific, I recommend going to Edit and clicking on Find On This Page and...
  14. BunnyBunnyBunny

    Help trying to name a lipstick?

    Okay so a customer came in yesterday and I was helping her with lipstick. She mentioned her all time favorite lipstick ever and I really wanted to check it out but I can't remember what she said!!! I think it started with an M and I'm almost 100% sure that the name had something to do with or...
  15. BunnyBunnyBunny

    MAC - Fall Trend Bags 2008 Discussion

    As usual, we will be getting some fall trend bags this year! Specifically on September 18th! I hope they're as hot as the summer ones. My dad spilled a perfume thing on my blue one and it got SUPER disgusting and the paint even started peeling off. Also it smells like pumpkin pie. Disgusting...
  16. BunnyBunnyBunny

    The Rabbit Burrow - My Collection (Pic Heavy!!)

    Okay! So I have taken some detailed pics! People have asked how I store my makeup. I have two 1.6 traincases and that's where most of it goes! I keep almost all color items in those. I also have a cabinet in the bathroom to hold my skincare and foundation/powders, as well as my 15 palettes and...
  17. BunnyBunnyBunny

    MAC - Brunette Blonde Redhead Collection Discussion

    A collection called Hair (working name). Even though that is the working name, I think it's safe to say that we may have hair products coming at us!! Launching January 8th, 2009! I can't wait to see what MAC releases! *This is just speculation based on the working name being simply, Hair.
  18. BunnyBunnyBunny

    MAC - Dazzle Lash Discussion

    On October 2nd, 2008, a collection called Dazzle Lash launches at all locations. This is odd though because I heard nothing about this at Update, which covered the beginning of October. What do you guys think of the name? Sounds like glitter false lashes, or maybe a glitter mascara.
  19. BunnyBunnyBunny

    MAC - Metal Urge Collection Discussion

    Metal Urge launches on November 20th, and my guess is that it is the anniversary collection to Metal-X, Jewelescent, etc. Glitter Liners is almost a definite, but what else will be included in this collection? I hope that there's another Deep Brown and Bright Green Glitter Liners! Maybe we'll...
  20. BunnyBunnyBunny

    MAC - Lash and Dash (Formerly known as 'Lash Sidebar') Discussion

    Launching December 26th along with Dame Edna and Chill will be a collection called Lash Sidebar. I'm not sure if that means new Lashes, or repackaged Lashes (doubtful), or maybe a new displayer for Lashes. Anyone got more info?