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  1. spunky

    any rollergirls here?

    i was wondering if any rollergirls are on specktra. i used to skate with ARRG, but i stopped 2 years ago. i'm looking to get back on the track, but with GRG at their next fresh meat skate. i was fairly new to skating when i stopped [3 months or so], so i'm basically starting again. so - who do...
  2. spunky

    My MAC stash

    all my MAC as of july 8th. i depot my shadows and put them in 28 pan palettes i buy off ebay - they're a little bigger than MAC ones, but they take up less space if you get me. the white labels are for shadows/blushes i'm buying soon... super organised! there's about 15 pressed pigments in there...
  3. spunky

    my gran

    my gran is 86, has dementia and a host of other little niggles. for the past few years she's also been suffering from mini strokes, which have been getting progressively worse. about 2 hours ago we got a call from the nursing home she lives in saying she'd had a massive seizure and was...
  4. spunky


    Hey everyone! I've been lurking here for a while, and finally got round to signing up today. Anyway, I'm Spunky [or Rachel] and a MAC Addict from Scotland Look forward to chatting with everyone here! xx