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    Mac deck of cards.

    Hi guys, been many years since I've been on Specktra. Not sure how many people on these boards are die hard fans or are keen on limited edition stuff but anyway, I have a pack of the Deck of Cards. I can't find out any information on them for their original release date. theyre in perfect...
  2. bAbY_cHiCkEn01

    Christina's Lips?

    These are the HOTTEST shade of lips I think I've EVER seen, anybody wanna tae a stab as to what it could be?
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    Makeup Academy Interview?

    Okay so it's not exactly working a retailer but what are some tips for going to a makeup academy interview. I've never done anything like this before. Anything would be extremely helpful! Thanks! Melz
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    Nail polish?

    I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good quality matte white, baby blue and baby pink nailpolishes. Must be matte... Thanks!
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    Charcoal Grey liners?

    Which is a better grey for a liner, Lithograph or Phone Number, even though they're not the same texture or form, which one is better? Or are they so similar in color that it doesn't actually matter?
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    Penultimate Liner

    Heya! How similar are the tips of the penultimate liner and the MAC liquid liner (as in the boot black one...) if that makes any sense? TIA!
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    Reflects Transparent Pink glitter

    Hiya! I was wondering if anybody could tell me what collection this came out with and if anyone has a pic of it? Thanks so much!!!! Melz
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    Metal Creme eyeshadows?

    How similar are Fusion Gold to Material Gold? TIA!!!
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    Where did these come from?

    Heya guys! I was wondeing if anyone knew which collections the following lipsticks came from and would also love to be pointed in the right direction to some good pics of them too (or emailed)... Retrodaze// Smile (the blush as well)// Pink Aura// Giddy// Partymate// Thank you all in advance!!!!
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    Is there any color out there that is similar to Lithograph fluidline? Is there perhaps a Bobbi Brown ink shade thats close? Or any other brand... Thanks!
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    Euristocrats lipsticks...

    Hiya Guys! I was wondering if you guys could help me out with the following if you can... How similar is neon orange (euristocrats) to morange or jest? Is Bombshell (euristocrast) the same as the perm./ norm. bombshell?
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    Same Names, Different Items...

    I'm compilijng a list of MAC comsetics with the same name but different items... This is what I have so far... Can anyone help me out! Pink Freeze - Lipstick/ Eyeshadow (Rethink Pink 1998) Angel - Lipstick/ Blush (Rethink Pink 1998) Jest - Lipstick/ Eyeshadow Gleam - Eyeshadow/ Lipstick (Earth...
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    X-Roxks working name??

    Not sure if this goes here (probably not)... but I was wondering if anyone can tell me if X-rocks blush's working name was Sunkissed and if it was in black packaging at all throughout its working name/samples, if that makes any sense lol...
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    Old Face Charts...

    I was wondering if anybody was able to point me in the direction to some old facecharts. I'm after the charts from the following collections: Blue Storm Moonbathe Strange Hybrid Balloonacy Halloween 2007 Thank you guys so much! Any help is truly appreciated!
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    Why does this keep happening to me?

    Seriously am I just the scammers dream or wat within the past 6 months I've had nothing but bad luck with buying things. Most times that I buy things I'm getting scammed, with MUA its happened about 6 times and here its happened at least twice... a playboy lipstick for $50... doesn't seem like a...
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    Adelaideians Beware!!!

    Apparantly there is a woman going around trying to sell "MAC" products... They are not MAC at all, and she's trying to pawn them off to retailers, so if you're a manager in the retail business in Adelaide, don't trust anyone who tries to sell you MAC (unless of course, you're at the counter...
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    Strange Hybrid Haul...

    Had a completely crap day, so to make myself feel better I ran along to my MAC counter where I spent wayyyyy more than what I planned to... Over $250 worth!!! LOL... * Fertile e/s * Moonflower e/s * Rose Blanc e/s * Floral Fantasy e/s * Petalpoint blush * Flowerplay l/s * Jardis Aries pigment...
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    Can anybody tell me where you can get those super super super duper long lashes that I've seen a few people are wearing in their FOTD's? IE. Queen of Blending and Laura_Doll... TIA!
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    How do I go about...

    Getting my money back from somebody from a swap? I bought $160USD worth of stuff from somebody and never recieved anything, what can I do? I'm going to check out paypal and see if they can get my money back for me otherwise... HELP! So greatly appreciated for any advice!
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    I need to rant and cry...

    I need to rant and I feel like crying... I feel like a loser, like I'm never supposed to achieve anything in life, a bit fat failure. I work at Hungry Jacks (Burger king) and there are 3 levels of "competence" before becoming a higher level of authority. They are Bronze, Silver and Gold. I...