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  1. Face2Mac

    Nars Spring 2011

    Spotted at Spring 2011 Fashion Show. Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Fashion Show - Backstage Beauty - StyleList I figured since there is info on MAC for next year, and I saw this Nars preview, I would post. A tinted Moisturizer, sounds interesting.
  2. Face2Mac

    Matte Lime Green Eyeliner

    I am looking for a matte lime green eyeliner like MAC Bitter, Lime eyeshadow. I have checked out MUFE 17L, but that was too sheer and shimmery. So I am looking for one from any brand from cheap to high end, it doesn't matter.
  3. Face2Mac

    Sephora and Nars Sale Haul

    I took advantage of the Sephora Sale and I was lucky enough to catch the Nars Sale in October. Tarte Holiday Palette (best everything palette, I have ever seen. 16 shimmer 16 matte, gloss and blush + bronzer). Nars Blushes: Taj Mahal, Gina, Gilda, Dolce Vita, Torrid and Plasir. Cargo...
  4. Face2Mac

    Pink Box and 25%Haul

    I've had the pink boxes for at least 2 months, and I am in love. I wanted something that was small enough to put in corner, yet moveable and my god PINK. All together now, but not how I am using them. OMG, will you weirdered out by that downstairs toilet in back, hmm. will take down if so...
  5. Face2Mac

    Yep, I am on a No-buy but CCO called (pics)

    The stars of this haul, Monogram Marque and Kitty Kouture (2 pendants came with) Holiday Cool 08, Whirlwind n/p, Chartur paint BBR Deep Shade, Saturnal, and Blue Flame, Odd Couple Cherry Blossom, Liquer, Lightly Ripe, High Tea Taupographic s/s, Light as Air p/p, SoftNote t/t...
  6. Face2Mac

    Ben Nye Haul

    Fuschia blush, Royal purple, dont know, Patriot blue, Tangerine, Bronze,Golden Apricot, Indian copper, Raisin, Rich Suede, Brickstone, don't know. apricot, orange pop blush, grapevine blush
  7. Face2Mac

    Beyonce lipgloss in Commercial

    So in the Commercial for DirectTV with Beyonce featuring Upgrade song, when she has the UPGRADE gold necklace in her mouth, she has on this pretty gold/pink lipgloss (I am obsessed with it). I need recommendations for that gloss, it is so pretty. I would say Pinkarat but it has more pink in...
  8. Face2Mac

    Newbie from Michigan

    Hi, My name is Face2Mac and I am addicted to MAC. I have tried to solve this problem with other brands but I keep coming back2MAC. The lipsticks and lipgloss I have forsaken, but the eyeshadows, pigments, and foundation have me doing cartwheels. I feel like I am high when I get a PaintPot for a...