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  1. NeonKitty

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    A few days ago while surfing Specktra, I noticed an ad for a verified counterfeit website on the top and side of the page in the google ad space. Offering one of those infamous 45 piece "MAC" brush sets for 30-ish bucks. I noticed it several times over a couple of days on Specktra. Just now when...
  2. NeonKitty

    Fiery smokey eye look

    Well these aren't the best shots and I'm not the best model, heh, but this is a look I wore today. I can't seem to do the closed eye pic without squinting Anyways, hope you enjoy. Eyes: UDPP Blackground paint pot Firespot e/s NYX midnight e/s evening aura e/s Rimmel random gold eyeliner Gosh...
  3. NeonKitty

    Just because I'm workin' doesn't mean I cant be a STYLE WARRIOR

    Ok my first ever FOTD - please ignore the unruly eyebrows, large pores and blemished skin. I'm still kind of new at this makeup thing too, so it's not going to be perfect. I can't wear foundation at work because it doesn't last more than 3 hours of hard labour. So here it is: Style Warriors...