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  1. glam8babe

    Bobbi Brown interview UK help

    I passed the telephone stage of the Bobbi Brown interview last week so will be hearing from the area manager soon to have the face-to-face interview within the next 2-3 weeks... I have looked on google and haven't really found much so I would love to get some advice/tips on what to expect in a...
  2. glam8babe

    Telephone interview for Bobbi Brown (UK) tomorrow! HELP!

    Hey everyone I haven't posted on here in sooo long but I have a telephone interview with BB tomorrow I would love some advice from you guys, what questions will they ask me? I have done a telephone interview for EL and MAC in the past but didn't get them due to lack of retail experience...
  3. glam8babe

    Didnt pass clinique interview but...

    I had a clinique telephone interview and didnt pass it i don't know what i did wrong she only said 'there's already alot of applicants who fit the job role' so why the f*ck did she interview me in the first place!!! i think i did pretty well myself, i researched properly and told her what i...
  4. glam8babe

    Im back! inspiration: the hills

    hey guys i was away from specktra for quite a few month and i came back and i finally have a new FOTD to post it's not my usual dramatic colourful looks but it's inspired from the tv show The Hills, lauren conrads makeup is so pretty, natural with abit of drama with liquid liner.. heres my...
  5. glam8babe

    your fave UK beauty blogs

    I was just wondering if any of you UK ladies have any fave beauty blogs by UK people? i could spend hours looking at blogs but theres wayy too many US ones which have lots of products on them which arent available in the UK thanks in advance
  6. glam8babe

    What ive been upto recently... (photoshoot pics)

    Ive missed specktra sooo much! theres so many new members too who all have amazing FOTD's i really need to catch up.. i used to post on here every single day but my internet went faulty and i got a new full-time job and just never had time to be online. Ive wanted to get into modelling for a...
  7. glam8babe

    something bad happpened!

    last night i got spiked.. not sure what it was, probably ecstacy ive felt like shit all day, feeling cold, paranoid, shocked i dont know what to do all my friends have just said i need to relax and drink plenty of water but its not rlly helping i just feel really depressed and i know its a come...
  8. glam8babe

    Whats wrong with me?

    I was just having a nice hot bath there and after about 15 mins i started getting all hot and flustered, the window was open.. i always leave the window open when having a bath then suddenly i just started feeling faint and as if i was gonna pass out :| basically feeling very weak! It's not...
  9. glam8babe

    Halloween FOTN

    This is what i wore last night for halloween.. me and my best friend wentr as sexy air hostesses, not very scary haha but its either scary or sexy these days i thought i'd do red lips to match my scarf and a nice neutral bronzy eye with lonnnng lashes i know i havnt posted in a while and ive...
  10. glam8babe

    Halloween Makeup: Dorothy - Wizard Of Oz

    Hey guys was wondering what i could do for eye makeup for halloween, im dressing up as dorothy from the wizard of oz this is the outfit i will probably be buying Fancy Dress Fever Storybook Costume from Wonderland Party Fancy Dress 27277 I deffo want to have bright red lips, but not too sure...
  11. glam8babe

    I dunno what to do :(

    This may be a really long post but here it goes: BY THE WAY: if i've seemed like a bitch to any of you on here in the past week or so, im really sorry i've just been stressed out because of mainly this situation... I've been with my boyfriend Darren for almost two years (this October), we used...
  12. glam8babe

    FOTD from last night!

    This is just from last night This is what i wore: and heres the other pics (you can see my makeup clearly in some) me and my boyfriend before going out WHAT I USED FACE: smashbox photofinish primer benefit boi-ing concealer estee lauder double wear foundation mixed...
  13. glam8babe

    The House Bunny

    omg how cute does this movie look! YouTube - The House Bunny TRAILER 2008 {TRUE-HD} Sony Pictures i cant wait to see it
  14. glam8babe

    My quick, easy brow tutorial

    HERES WHAT YOU WILL NEED I already plucked my brows before this tutorial STEP ONE: Grab a flat squared or angled brush and a brow colour to match your brows/hair. Im using MAC Omega eyeshadow (great for us dark blondes!) and the MAC212 brush STEP TWO: dip your brush into the brow...
  15. glam8babe

    FOTD - Smokey Purple Starflash!

    I've been bored today and the weather is SHIT! so i decided to play with makeup and this is what i came up with! WHAT I USED FACE smashbox photofinish primer chanel double perfection foundation urban decay de-slick powder MAC dainty mineralize blush (love it!) MAC sculpt n shape to contour...
  16. glam8babe

    Benefit boi-ing?

    why does it seem to be sold out on every website (hqhair, UK benefit website) also on the uk benefit website it is marked down to half price (£12.50) and they are out of medium which is the one i want i hope it isnt getting D/C! it's my fave ever concealer!
  17. glam8babe

    acne - is it true?

    is it true when they say your acne or blemishes will worsen before they will completely go? I have been doing a new skincare regimen for the past week (clinique mild liquid facial soap, clinique anti-blemish clarifying lotion, then my usual liz earle oil free moisturizer) my skin has broken...
  18. glam8babe

    MSF Natural.. shade recs please!

    I'm thinking about purchasing MSF natural powder foundation on my next mac haul but i haven't got a clue what shade to get right now im NW25-NW30 ish i was thinking Medium maybe? thanks in advance!
  19. glam8babe

    Small hall but still somethin =)

    woops! i meant small HAUL lol Starflash: smoke&diamonds, lotusland eyeshadows feline k/p #35 lashes (recommended by kim kardashian!) finally got VAE
  20. glam8babe

    Colour forms online!!!!!

    omg im well p*ssed off everyone was saying how it's not gonna be online and be a selfridges exclusive and now i noticed some items come on the website and i have JUST spent the last of my money