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  1. maclove1

    M.A.C i'm Confused and hurt

    Hello everyone ,im not new here or to mac but this issue ticks me off every time it has to be a way to get this to stop . We all love mac collections but why do some people go and buy 30 items then resell them for retarded prices on ebay $30.00 for a nail polish that was $13.00 come one that is...
  2. maclove1

    cult of cherry tempting and cherry lips :)

    I did a layerd look and the other eye is sharkskin ,sorry its so huge i cant make it smaller :/
  3. maclove1

    Cult of Cherry FOTD

    cult of cherry lipglass and tempting eye pallet close up
  4. maclove1

    my yummy mac collection ♥

    im still new to mac. i have a huge store brand makeup lot but i fig i would share mac only for now. this is a lip brush from Estee Lauder. a better pic i aded my fav 2 glosses from" bath body beyond "