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  1. .Serenity.Eludes.

    1st FOTD in a looong time. =D

    Hey everyone! I used to post on here a few years ago and I wanted to get back into the swing of things. This FOTD is nothing special just something cute I did for a day out. I will be posting more often and I am looking forward to all your FOTDs. You're all so talented! =D OH... Plz excuse the...
  2. .Serenity.Eludes.

    KLS Beauty by Kimora Lee Simmons?

    I just got an email from baby phat and i looked in the 'beauty' section and saw her eyeshadows. They look alright but their $18!!! Im like wtf. Mac isnt even that much and they look way better. A while (long time) ago i saw that she was going to have a collection coming out in mac. I guess she...
  3. .Serenity.Eludes.

    Winsor Pilates...Anyone???

    I have been researching the infamous winsor pilates excersise dvds for about a week now, and i am hearing GREAT reviews! So I searched and searched until i found a good deal. I got 'Basics Step by Step', '20 Minute Workout', 'Accelerated Body Sculpting', 'Ab Sculpting', 'Bun and Thigh Sculpting'...
  4. .Serenity.Eludes.

    A Different Day A Different Style *VERY Pic Heavy*

    Ok, so today i started off with my usual FOTD this was my first at the smokey eye. I was sitting here waiting for my batteries to charge so i could finish taking pix and I wanted to see if i can turn a normal smokey eye, into something more me. PLEASE NOTE That the after pix are photoshopped for...
  5. .Serenity.Eludes.

    First Pro Mac Haul, Is this enough???

    Hopefully this week I will be ordering my first Pro Haul. I've made a list of some of the things i want and i was wondering if you all could give your opinions/ recommendations. Im quite new to this so i basically went on instinct and what i like. Alright here we go. My List ........... Blot...
  6. .Serenity.Eludes.

    Fabulous Neutrals With A Splash Of Serenity!!!*very pic heavy*

    NOTE: These Pix are bigger due to the colors being a little bit harder to see. This time around im doing something NEW hehe... I did NEUTRAL colors. No bright colors at all. This is a look that can be worn basically anywhere. Even though its normal colors i still added a splash of Serenity to...
  7. .Serenity.Eludes.

    Fuschia Lipz...First Try!!! =D

    These are all WITHOUT FLASH. These are WITH FLASH Since i loved my EOTD last week (night and day) I decided to to a look based on the Good side. I used: Fuschia Pigment Golden Lemon Pigment (i &hearts this color) Naked Pigment (to highlight) And on the lips Fuschia Pigment under...
  8. .Serenity.Eludes.

    Teal and Golden Lemon (Peacock Colors!) :p

    My boyfriend said i look like a peacock (a pretty peacock) hmm... lmao. I used Teal Pigment (the eyesafe batch) Golden Lemon Pigment And Naked Pigment (to highlight) With Plain Clear Lipglass. I hope you all enjoy them
  9. .Serenity.Eludes.

    Split Personalities, As Different As Night and Day

    today i got some sample pigments that i ordered from ebay. I was testing them out and this is what i got. I have to i learned a HUGE lesson. Dark (black) Make-Up and I Do NOT MIX... But Bright Colors RAWK!!! Dark Soul gave me SOO MANY PROBLEMS. At first it was too light then i put...
  10. .Serenity.Eludes.


    *cries hystarically* Ebay suspended my account because they said im assoiated with a suspended user. (because we have the same ip and address) and im not i have 100% feedback. I've never done anything wrong. I called my internet provider and they told me that the ips they use are dynamic meaning...
  11. .Serenity.Eludes.

    First FOTD!!!

    Ok im a beginner so please dont get on me too bad lol. Dont mind the date...i just got the cam back from the shop. This one is with out flash. I used Blue Absinthe e/s Gorgeous Gold e/s and Honey Lust e/s Kitchmas Pigment With plain Clear Lipglass Mixed with rose pigment Fantastic Lash...
  12. .Serenity.Eludes.

    Hello From PA!

    Hello, I am a beginner with M.A.C but i just love it and hope to make it to MA status one day! I will post pics of some of my attempts and i will honor all feedback i recieve. off to make myself M.A.C.nifigent Later