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  1. Demosthenes

    MAC Deck of Cards

    I did a search but I still needed some info. Can you guys help? When was the Deck of Cards and the book released? How much did it cost then? What would its approximate value be now?
  2. Demosthenes

    Honolulu, Hawaii

    If you're vacationing here or live here permanently, we need to meet up and go hauling together!
  3. Demosthenes

    Do topics purge? Is there a time limit for threads, etc?

    I'm just asking because my sale thread in the For Sale/Swap forum was deleted. Was I accidentally breaking a rule or something? I was hoping a mod or admin could help me figure out what happened to my topic.
  4. Demosthenes

    Softsac discussion thread.

    Have they been released before? Today was the first time they were at my local MAC store. After all of the hype it was kind of disappointing. The material is so flimsy, the bags look all shapeless and deformed when you put stuff in it. I still wanted to try them out to see it they worked out...
  5. Demosthenes

    Should I be a brat and return 3 blushes?

    I ordered through the 1-800 number, and one part of my order was for 3 blushes in the pan form, but they had sent me the regular blushes instead. Also, they didn't send me the D'Bohemia pigments like I had ordered... it wasn't even on the invoice! I'm kinda bummed out, because Coco and...
  6. Demosthenes

    What are some of your favorite recipes?

    I'm feeling all domestic, and I wanted to start cooking stuff that I wouldn't normally. Post any and all of your favorite recipes, even basic stuff!
  7. Demosthenes

    Free stuff from MAC?

    I just got a free full-size fragrance from MAC today. It's the one with a teal/tourqouise looking cover, but I don't see it from MAC's site. From the batch number I see that it was made this Feb, so I'm pretty excited. Could this be MV6? I <3 Ala Moana MAC. If you guys are ever in...
  8. Demosthenes

    How do you apply MAC glitters?

    I see some people using them on their eyes... how do they "stick" to the eye? Do you guys use a sealant or something? Thanks.
  9. Demosthenes

    How do you use your Shimmersoufles?

    I found out that my MAC still has some in stock, but I remember the Goldmousse I swapped away was kinda chunky and gritty. How do you apply yours? My fave MA said he loved using them, so I'm tempted to give them a second shot.
  10. Demosthenes

    Any recs for a smoky eye using MAC?Also, any links to pics?

    I was thinking of using Carbon and Black Tied, with maybe Naked Lunch to highlight. Does that sound ok? Her eyes are really tiny though, and I'm afraid I'll make them look too small. Any tips? I'm really bad at doing creaseless Asian eyes.
  11. Demosthenes

    Any news about the discontinued items?

    I've heard rumors that some items will be disc soon. Does anyone have a list of the items, as well as information about when the discontinuation will occur? Any info is appreciated, thanks.
  12. Demosthenes

    What do you do for a living?

    Just wondering.
  13. Demosthenes

    Does anyone here know how to do a basic french twist?

    Ok, I know this seems really dumb, but I tried to do one the other day on someone else, and there was no way that I could keep it in place. We ended up just waving her hair for prom, but I did feel really bad. Her hair was 4 inches past her shoulders, which should have been a good length, but...
  14. Demosthenes

    Good DS foundations?

    I need to get more colors of foundations for my kit. Right now I'm using 4 different shades of Studio Fix, and blending, but that's kinda troublesome. Someone suggested that I use DS foundations because they are more afforable, and I can buy the whole spectrum that way. What are the best DS...
  15. Demosthenes

    What eye shadow do I desperately need?

    I booked an appointment for the D'bohemia event at my MAC store, and my favorite MA is doing my makeup. I was planning on getting a bunch of the D'bohemia stuff and some pans for my collection to give him a big fat sale. If it helps, here's a link to my inventory (it's hard to find stuff...
  16. Demosthenes

    How'd you come up with your Specktra name?

    Just curious, because I don't know if it's from a collection, shade, or something more random. :P
  17. Demosthenes

    My MAC inventory/stash:

    I just updated mine (because everyone was doing it on, but it's really hard for me to spell check because of the funky spellings. I thought maybe you guys could help me if I spelled something wrong. Post your own inventory if you have one done too! Is there anything I desperately...
  18. Demosthenes

    How do you use Jasmine es?

    I simply can't ever make this work for me. Any suggestions?
  19. Demosthenes

    What brush do you use for a very intense build up of color?

    Also, do you pat or blend it on? I wanted to get a really metallic, intense finish, but I don't think my method is working well.
  20. Demosthenes

    I'm running out of ideas on how to use Guacamole.

    Can anyone help me? I've tried Parrot, Chrome Yellow, Freshwater, Gorgeous Gold, Goldmine, and a few others I forgot about. Guacamole is such a great color, but I'm having trouble finding other stuff to use with it. Are there other awesome combos that I'm missing?