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  1. honyd

    ~*~~*help Career move .. whats ur career??

    Hey guys.... so im kinda bummed... Im a retail manager making about 43 a year... most nights not getting home till eleven... working weekends and holidays and honestly im so sick of getting treated like crap.... by nasty customers (i kno unavoidable in most positions) Higher management... its...
  2. honyd

    ~*~*big haired & beauty marked*~*~ pic heavy

    lol ok so i like volume in my hair... hence the rollers! haha Sorry about my icky skin i dont have any foundation on. Some pics are b4 the dazzleglass. eyes blackend red pig beaury marked nylon rev liquid liner loreal volumous masc. cheeks lil bit of be bronzer lips lure liner myth...
  3. honyd

    ~*~*an eyefull ;) ~*~*~*~

    hehe.. here are a few looks on my eyes that i have had. dont mind some of the faces its always wierd taking shots of urself. lol n sorry i cant insert the pics yet ..grrr i need to learn. wasnt there a great t hread on how to do that here?? cc is welcomed .... ompom ok and the 3rd...
  4. honyd

    ~*~*~orangejaglad ~*~*~~*

    ok so the title is corny,.... haha its supposed to be orange u glad to see i think it was a knock knock joke.... hehe anyway home bored on a sat night... cleaning out my things to put up on the sale thread and came across some orange lipstick.well that started it all then i wanted...
  5. honyd

    Can some1 tell me how it is that these people got all these dolls!!

    OK... im a lil p od.... How is it that soo many people tried to get just one of these dolls (to collect) and this person on ebay ( (that will sell for im sure over a 100 a piece) Has about 10!!! to sell and make a profit. I thought first off that...
  6. honyd

    ~*~*~*yay back on! SUmthan a lil sunny ~*~*~

    Heyyyyyyyyyyy everyone.. i havnt been on in a long time. I had some probs with my account and couldnt log in... dumb aol!! lol.. anyway this is a repost a look i did a while ago... really i just wanted to say hi to everyone!!!!! hey girlies... heres a lil sunny i started off with...
  7. honyd

    ~*~*~been a while~*~*~

    Hey everyone.. well im not really a newbie but i wasnt able to ge ton here for sometime. SO now i fixed the prob and im soooooooooo .
  8. honyd

    ~*~*~*some more heat~*~*~*~

    yay i looooooovve the new e/s heat.. these are so nice i only got that one but now i want the rest!!... lol i used goldbit all over..then heat/ liquid liner. blush format and new shooting star...lips spice liner lancome bisgue.. then the new be l/g. sorry i look all red n puffy...
  9. honyd

    ~*~*~*a kiss of sushi flower~*~*~*

    hey girles.. heres a lil bit of shusi flower with hypnotiqe and at the end aquavert blended over... dior show mascara and stiletto l/l underneath out to sea pencil. It looked so much brighter in real life!! and it was blended well but its so freakin hot here!! lol
  10. honyd

    ~*~*~a lil hollidazzle ~*~*~*~*

    Hey there, well i put my back up hollidazzle on sale today so it inspired me to break mine out n use it.... i adore this palette!!!.... i used black tied print white frost and electra. (dont mind the white hunk on the one i i got it off!! haha) n i wish i would have had some falsies but...
  11. honyd

    ~*~*~*~sumthan a lil sunny :) ~*~*~*~

    hey girlies... heres a lil sunny i started off with just luvbud snappy and georgous gold... then as i went on i blended.. then added neru underneath... and this was my first atempt at using macs glitter brillants....i got a crystalized orange.. it is so hot... but i didnt have the...
  12. honyd

    ~*~*~georgous goldy lure~*~*~*~*

    Well here are a few from the last couple of days...dont mind the brows..still tryin to let them come in!! the 3 4 and 5 pic have waternymph and aquavert..with goldbit highlight..then shimmeratti all over top... the 1 & 2 have aquavert, water, goldbit highlight and then i blended in...
  13. honyd

    ~*~*~*sensualize n hipnotique~*~*~*~*

    Dont mind the skin n the bushy brows im trying to grow them in. i have this mean lil mole in my pics it comes up looking bald!! lol I just did something a lil light. It looked alot prettier in person. sensualize e/s hipnotique e/s stiletto l/e dior show one coat lips spice bisque...
  14. honyd

    ~*~*~*~lola Luvs Lips~*~*~*~

    Heres Just A Quick Li Pic. I Uses Lola Lip Palette Trio In Lovely Pinks And Then I Put A Lil Bit Of Mac Goldbit E/s In The Middle For Some Sparlke. OO AND I PROB OVERLINED CUASE MY TOP LIP IS SMALLER THAN MY BOTTOM!! LOL
  15. honyd

    ~*~*~green gold delights~*~*~*~

    Hi all.... i cant believe i have had this palette since christmas and have not touched it.!!! Its the olive colored delights 6 eye trend. I looove these colors...i dont kno how the pics come out ...but it was so vibrant w/o being gaudy!! haha.... well here are some pics. I used gingersoft...
  16. honyd

    ~*~*~out to sea~*~*~*~

    Heres a lil look i put together after i went to the cco and found some amazing colors!!! I have to read my camera book cause they are a lil fuzzy!!! lol..well here they are. hah after i posted these the last pic i look a lil out of it!!! studied brown on brow electric eel in corner to middle...
  17. honyd

    ~*~*~sephora mermaid look ~*~*~*~

    Well i got the sephora cat and they has some nice looks in there. So i played a lil. This looked so much better in person.. the peach color didnt really sho up on the pics. Dont mind the brows.. im trying to let them come in lol!
  18. honyd

    ~*~*~ some of my goodies~*~*~*~ pics

    Here are some of my mac...soon im going to lay everything out and get pics....
  19. honyd

    ~*~Yes im a whore..a mac whore that is..hehe

    I tried to post this but i dont kno w hat happened so if it comes out twice..sorry... I didnt feel like writting all the names but if u want to kno any let me kno.. These are some things i got last night at MAC...and some other things i got over the last few weeks at the CCo (cosmetic company...
  20. honyd

    ~*~*~fotd...trying to get the pics right :P~*~*

    Hey everyone.. im trying to work this digital the heck do u guys get the eye close ups so good....well here are a few i took today.. after i went to MAC and spent almost 200 bucks!! My friend that works there gave me some charts so i came home and played with my makeup and made...