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  1. lexielex

    Random WOC Makeup Thoughts

    I can't believe Mac discontinued so many good products. I wish I would have made my custom palettes years ago I'm crying inside
  2. lexielex

    What's a great cheekbone Highlight for WOC?

    I really need to get Trace Gold if it's still available. I finally purchased a Whisper of Gilt at a CCO I'm scared to use it until I have a backup. Becca Proseco Pop in the crème format is awesome that's what I have been wearing.
  3. lexielex

    MAC x Nicki Minaj collection (September 21, 2017)

    I haven't placed a Mac order in almost a year. So I picked up Pink Print, Nicki'S nude and the naked gloss. Pink print is very wearable on me and I love it Top naked 2n (returning)Nicki's nude and pink print