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  1. jbid

    Pictureless FOTD: 8/7/08

    ever since i joined specktra, i've been taking pictures of my FOTD's but was too self-conscious to post them, as i'm not as skillful as any of you, guys. then i thought it'd be a good idea to start with a pictureless FOTD. today i used: MAC bare canvas paint on lid and up to browbone MAC melon...
  2. jbid

    lipgloss loving smoker needs advice

    hi guys, i hope this isn't a non smoking area b/c i need your advice. i'm a smoker and i love my lip products . but the 2 don't get along well. so what can i do to make my l/s and l/g last longer? i tried: concealer+(l/s or l/g) > doesn't work l/l+(l/s or l/g) > doesn't work concealer+l/l+(l/s...
  3. jbid

    give me those neon packages!

    i finally got my hands on some neo sci-fi! (sad, i know!) they didn't even have it on display yet, but my lovely ma showed them to me anyway! so, here's what i got: - x rocks blush (already in love) - magnetic fields e/s - pink grapefruit l/g - soft&slow l/g and also from the perm: - subculture...
  4. jbid

    newbie's traincase

    hi all, that's all i have but i love every item i own. i hope to add to it a little bit though... so, here we go: e/s. i keep them in quads, i hate the size of the palettes! other eye stuff: blushes: face stuff and samples: lip stuff. i can never keep color on my lips...
  5. jbid

    french mac prices?

    in my country, mac is so much expensive that i think about asking my french cousin to buy me things and bring them whenever she comes here. but if the prices are about the same, it's not worth it. so i ask you, french mac addicts. what are the prices for: - eyeshadow pan (not pot) - shadestick -...