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  1. II3rinII

    "MAC stand" in the flea market

    ugh!! i work for MAC and i have earned the right to sell MAC, recently a lady has been selling MAC at a stand in a local flea market and myself and my co-workers are pissed. my assist. mang. emailed corp. to let them know and another employee actually went there and took pics with her cell...
  2. II3rinII

    so our lil peanut is a member of team.....

    PINK!!! skylar lillian foster is due may 7th 2010, she showed off her yoga skills today at her ultrasound. the sonographer said "hotdog bun, no hotdog". im so excited to have my future mac artist!!
  3. II3rinII

    sneak preview of b & b and p.t.e. pigments from MAC collection unveiling

    so theres 2 stores in jacksonville, i work at the original, the new store however is just over a yr old and they get all the "unveilings" and all the fun stuff. anyway they asked 3 of us from my store to come help with the unveiling of the MAC collection. heres a quick 2 pics that i snapped...
  4. II3rinII

    soft and pretty with samoa silk, fashion and strike a pose

    i love how soft and pretty this looked. i used grand entrance on the inner corner with samoa silk and rule on the lid, then i added fasion and strike pose in the outer corner and crease. molasses was the liner. on the face i used tech with matte bronze and fabdabulous blush. lips was...
  5. II3rinII

    tips for applying false lashes on yourself

    lashes can be tricky, hopefully this video tut can help you when applying your own lashes YouTube - tricks for applying false lashes to yourself
  6. II3rinII

    how to use pearlglides as eyeshadow

    this is a video showing how to create a smokey eye easily with the pearglide eyeliners (specificly black russian). i hope you enjoy! YouTube - using black russian eyeliner as a smokey shadow and this is the final look!
  7. II3rinII

    woo hoo im back to making vids again!

    this is a tut i did showing how to use pearlglide eyeliners as eye shadow. enjoy! YouTube - using black russian eyeliner as a smokey shadow
  8. II3rinII

    using black russian pearlglide as an eye shadow

    i smudged black russian over the eye as a shadow and added smoke and diamonds to the crease, used p&p eye in deep dark as a blender color and mylar as the highlight. matte bronze to contour and dainty blush. blankety on the lips. i made a video tut for this look but havent loaded or edited it...
  9. II3rinII

    kinda late, but heres my starflash look

    for some reason rated r shadow looks yellow in the pics, but was defiantly more lime in person. weird.... anyway this is what i used: rated r, strike a pose, pink pearl pigment and mylar with blacktrack on the eyes. studio tech nc32 mineralized natural in med, dollymix and matte bronze for...
  10. II3rinII

    i am loving the new MAC tinted moisterizer

    so we got our gratis for the new tinted moisterizer and Oh My Goat! i am in love. that plus mineral skinfinish natural equals beautiful fresh summer skin. now let me be the first to say im usually a coverage junkie, i dont and never have had the best skin. i still get break outs and have a...
  11. II3rinII

    it was 'sposed to be mod... but turned playboy bunny...

    i was playing with my mac pro stuff and had planned to do a mod black n white eye but somehow it took a wrong turn and looked more like a playmates eyeshadow. oh wells, still cute. the look coulda used lashes its my day off.
  12. II3rinII

    early early early pregnancy signs??

    for 2 yrs my hubby and i quit "preventing" pregnancy, with no little surprises. im on the verge of giving up. no we have not gone to a doctor ( i know i know) im just scared to hear bad news, like i may be infertile. anyway we took a hollistic approach and started a vitamin regimin to aid us...
  13. II3rinII

    has MAC ever sent you on jobs?

    i know when you work in a big city like NY mac artists get to work fashion week, but nothing cool like that happens here. until now! i was just sent with 3 other artists to do the poster shoot for the jacksonville jaguars cheerleaders. it was a paying gig too (seperate from our regular rate)...
  14. II3rinII

    "tigers love pepper. they hate cinnamon"

    hahahaha thats one of the mannnnnny funny lines from "the hangover". this was the look i wore when me and the hubs and our friend went to go see the movie.
  15. II3rinII

    my fake naked honey look

    i say fake because our gratis didnt come in time so i had to use whatever dupes i had to create the look, the one item i did have was "shes a star" lipglass, cuz our trainer had given me the training sample. used: face- makeup forever hd foundation mac prep n prime trans powder golden...
  16. II3rinII

    better late than never ...right??

    im a slacker! but heres pics from our style warrior event 2 weeks ago. we did body painting on a model and i felt like being ultra fierce with zebra stripes! face: prep and prime face mineralize loose (med) select moistercover nw20 refined golden bronzer on a...
  17. II3rinII

    my own private sactuary!!

    so a while back i posted pics of my $20 goodwill vanity that my husband and i refurbished. well we finally completed my "makeup room". he mounted vanity lights around the mirror and wired a switch where my legs are so i can turn them on and off. we painted the walls pink with a brown accent...
  18. II3rinII

    b2m & depots - THE FACTS!!!

    so check it!! i was at work today and an email came in with the "updated b2m info". i was scanning over it to see if anything changed and my eyes caught the word 'depotted eye shadow" so i read carefully. it said, "depotted shadows may be returned, however they will count as one piece, the...
  19. II3rinII

    those fake MAC cream eyeshadow palettes...

    so this poor girl came into my store the other day and pulled one of those fake palettes out of her purse and said "can you tell me if this is fake? my boyfriend bought it for me". i took half a glance and knew "yes dear thats fake, im sorry. did he get it off ebay?". she said he had and she...
  20. II3rinII

    rainy day + MACpro products + funky hairstyle = me being a rockstar!

    after watching misschevious's tut on fauxhair ponytail hair i decied to try it out on my short angled bob hair. and since it was raining and i was off and the hubs was working i decided to play with makeup too. i used white chromaline as a base gesso sky blue lime blacktrack azela blush...