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  1. elektra513

    Smashbox Eye Wish Palette

    Has anyone seen this or tried this palette? I did a search and found nada... Thanks!
  2. elektra513

    How to choose the right foundation: YT video

    Lana goes into a lot of detail in this video. Any thoughts on what she's saying? I'm curious how accurate this would be for darker WOC like 35-55. YouTube - How to chose the right color foundation.
  3. elektra513

    UD Naked Palette look

    I have had this palette for weeks, and have been so enamored with colorful shadows, that I've been neglecting it. So today is the day. I often have a mixed feeling when it comes to shimmer (cuz of my eye shape), but I love this palette too much to not wear the shadow Thanks for looking CC...
  4. elektra513

    8/4: Pinkish Purple Matte Look

    I really wanted to wear purple today, and I just got an Illamasqua shadow, so this is what I came up with. It looks darker (ie, smokier) IRL...Oh well. (All MAC unless stated) Thanks for looking!! CC welcome. Face Prescriptives Virtual Matte - Antelope Select Moisturecover - NW40/NW35 Laura...
  5. elektra513

    8/3: Dare to Wear

    Hi everybody I don't really post in here that much, but I got some Dare to Wear stuff, so I wanted to share what I am wearing today. (Products are all MAC unless stated). Thanks for looking!! CC welcome. Face Prescriptives Virtual Matte - Antelope Select Moisturecover - NW 40/NW 35 Laura...
  6. elektra513

    Shiseido Mascara Base dc'd?!

    Sephora just sent me the following email: You recently requested notification when Shiseido The Makeup Mascara Base , $23.00, is available. We are sorry to inform you that this item has been discontinued, but our Beauty Advisors can recommend a similar product. I already figured this...
  7. elektra513

    Recs please for this purple look?

    Lala Vasquez. I don't really follow her life or career, etc. But her makeup is pretty and I have eyes like hers (similar eye shape)...Here's the pic. What e/s do you think was used here? And lips/blush too. Thanks in advance.
  8. elektra513

    New Nars Lipgloss (Sephora)

    Did anyone else notice the new glosses on They are named after blushes (Albatross, Luster, Oasis, SuperOrgasm, etc). Anyone check them out yet? Sephora: NARS Lip Gloss: Lip Gloss Thanks!
  9. elektra513

    Recs please: Non-MAC alternative to paint pots?

    Hi, I'm looking for a paint pot like product in a skin tone shade (C7/NC45/NW43) as a base. The PPs I own from MAC are ok, but I find myself wanting more. (I also have a few Nars cream shadows...) Just wondering what other brands out there have paint pot like products that are effective shadow...
  10. elektra513

    WOC-What are your faves from Bobbi Brown?

    I am looking at eyeshadows on her website, and just wondered if any WOC really like any of her products--eyes, lips, blush, anything. I know she has good foundation, but I still wish she had more shades... Thanks!
  11. elektra513

    Too much lower lid space?

    Does anyone have any recs/tips on how to decrease the appearance of [puffy] lower lids? I have prominent eyes, and have not figured out how to make my eye makeup look complete? I often save pics of Tyra Banks to help with this, but I still can't get it right. I have to use concealer to cover...
  12. elektra513

    Eye shader brush 03: Is it worth the price?

    Trying to take advantage of the free shipping going on right now on the Nars website, and I keep putting this brush in my shopping cart and taking it back out...I just keep looking at that $55 price tag. It's more expensive than the powder brush (which is also in my shopping cart). Any one have...
  13. elektra513

    Stick foundation and moisturizer help

    I just recently started using stick foundation after giving up on liquid and powder, but I'm not quite getting as good of a "glide" in application as I'd like. I know it's due to my moisturizer (pretty dry air down here right now and my skin is drinking it up quick in the a.m.)...So could...
  14. elektra513

    Nars Video #2: Cheeks

    How to Apply Makeup on the Cheek I can't wait for more vids
  15. elektra513

    Which type of false lashes for everyday?

    I have long-ish lashes, and I *love* volumizing mascaras...Which type of lash should I get if I wanted to wear a natural pair of falsies for everyday? Here's a pic: I'm thinking #3 from MAC, but I'm looking at and can't decide what density to look for b/c there are so many...
  16. elektra513

    Nars Video: How to get a Flawless Face

    Hi everyone! I just checked my email and received my Nars update with this really cool video attached. I love Nars, but this video makes me enjoy his line even more. I hope they do more videos like this...who knows--maybe throw some woc into the mix Here's the link: How to Apply Makeup to...
  17. elektra513

    Making my undertones work for me

    Does any of this make sense? I'm confused on what actually looks good and what doesn't. I'm struggling a little bit right now, and as a result just wearing neutrals till hopefully a lightbulb goes off for me, haha. I guess I just need to think out loud for a second, as it were... *From what I...
  18. elektra513

    Which colors would fit these descriptions? (neutral palette)

    Basically, which colors (mainly from MAC, unless they don't have one) would best fit the description of this palette? I'm looking at the MAC site, but remembered that the swatches are not always true to color, so I wanted to ask Specktra Keep in mind my skin is NC45-ish (Px Antelope)...What I...
  19. elektra513

    Can I mix my primer and sunscreen together?

    Or will the s/s degrade? I would like to cut down on the steps in the a.m... The primer is MAC P+P regular and the s/s is Clinique City block sheer spf 25 (titanium dioxide/zinc dioxide). Thanks
  20. elektra513

    Cool toned e/s on warm skin?

    Does it look bad? I was at MAC yesterday and mentioned that I have coquette and brun e/s, and she said that those colors are not for me b/c I have warm skin. I was looking for a cooler highlight color to go with them, but she said I needed a warm highlight. I ended up purchasing Era e/s. Is...