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  1. SkylarV217

    Paul Mitchell Wax Works

    So i got about 12 inches cut off my hair and i bought this stuff and I simply can't get it to work without making my hair look greasy. I know you hair stylists can give me some tips =D
  2. SkylarV217


    Anyone know where I can get one of these ? I think it's a UK product, but I can't find an online store to buy from... Has anyone used one ?
  3. SkylarV217

    My little ring bearer/ Ladies man ...
  4. SkylarV217

    Fave Holiday recipes

    So I was looking through recipes and trying to prepare for the holidays and I thought it could be fun to share our fave. recipes. Here's one of my faves for Thanksgiving : Pumpkin Cookies 1 cup oil 3 cups sugar 2 eggs -- beaten 3 teaspoons vanilla 5 cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 2...
  5. SkylarV217

    Recalled Halloween Candy

    Got this e-mail this morning and wanted to share b/f Halloween so every one and their families can be safe For those of you with little ghosts and goblins in your lives. Don't eat the chocolate coin candies! The little chocolate coins are not safe for kids to eat this Halloween. They are...
  6. SkylarV217

    Remember/ Adopt a soldier this holiday season!

    Hey ladies, I was looking into adopting a troop to write letters back and fourth with and send packages to and I thought with suck sweet and thoughtful ladies here some of you might be interested as well =). I know they need a little extra support during the holidays... You may not agree with...
  7. SkylarV217

    School Teacher Fakes Cancer ?!?!?

    Awareness Month: Faking Breast Cancer - AOL Health I read the full article in disbelief. Any thoughts?
  8. SkylarV217

    Any Nicolas Sparks Dear John Fans

    I loved the book and was so excited at the choice of John For the movie Channing Tatum and excellent choice in my opinion. The problem is after seeing the casting of Savannah i fear I don't even care to see the movie Amanda Seyfried ie Karen from mean girls... I'm so very disappointed. Any...
  9. SkylarV217

    Overwhelmed by clutter .... any ideas

    I know many of you are overwhelmingly busy like i am. Recently I have been irritated by the amount of clutter in the house. I have to vacuum daily to handle the mess left by the 2 year old. The house stays Clean... b/c i can't stand grossness like food and crumbs and dirt all around, its just...
  10. SkylarV217

    What will/did you name your Children.

    Girls : Peyton Blake Kallie Kyla Boys: Kaden Greyson Micah
  11. SkylarV217

    How do/did you Discipline your Toddlers ?

    I have a 2 and 1/2 year old and I can't seem to find the best form of discipline. It breaks his heart if i scold him, but sometimes its like he tries to push limits. He listens very well 95% of the time... it the other 5% that make me want to pull my hair out... So i was just wondering how you...
  12. SkylarV217

    2008 Presidential Candidates Comparison ( Side By side)... DOn't know what to think.

    Okay I'm really confused, I've been watching debates visiting both party's sites and reading plans .... But i seem to be getting mixed signals. I like parts of Both candidates plans, but was really surprised at the following Information I received in an e-mail ... Tell me what you think.... I...
  13. SkylarV217

    I'm stressed out, worried I've taken on way TOO MUCH

    So School Started Yesterday, and I have 19 hours: Math Concepts ( I'm terrible at Math) Revolutionary America ( 5 books and 4 papers and one research) Ghosts Myths and Legends ( 6 books and 2 papers) Modern Middle East ( 5 books and 1 research paper) Anthropology Chemistry 2 ( I'm worried...
  14. SkylarV217

    My 2 Year old finally got his hands on my Make up ....

    I walked around the corner to find my loving 2 year old that ALWAYS helps "mommy get pretty " with a make up compact and half of it on his face .... He was soo happy a smiling .... Said ... "I'm pretty like you mommy ...." Then upon seeing my face ..." Sorry" .... He was soo cute I couldn't...
  15. SkylarV217

    School Starts Monday Haul

    My Back to School Specktra and MUA Hauls Dazzleray Pink Opal Deep Blue Green Tan Early Bloomer Lipglass Lame Whirl Lip pencil VS Very Sexy Palette Paul Mitchell Super skinny shampoo and conditioner and Thicken up
  16. SkylarV217

    I need your help , My Skill Level is pathetic 1st FOTD...

    Okay Guys , I am so nervous. If you can believe it , I only discovered how to use more than one eye color like last year .... So after seeing all the beautiful looks you ladies pull off, I thought I need to venture out... the problem is after a couple months of "playing" at night , I need some...
  17. SkylarV217

    Weight Loss Group

    Hey Ladies , The Lovely RBella started a thread about her weight struggles and most of us cam out and said hey... I'm going through the SAME thing. So I thought we might Start a place to hold each other accountable for our habits =). I will say this ... If you wanna join up I'm gonna try to...
  18. SkylarV217

    Do you use your Fake MAC products?

    I've read a lot of posts where people have unknowingly bought fake MAC ... I'm just wondering what you do with the stuff after you find out it is fake ?
  19. SkylarV217

    Would you Pay 1,200 for a full set of MSF's?

    I ran across this and thought the price was a bit excessive :MAC Skinfinish Pleasureflush, So Ceylon, Stereo Rose - eBay (item 330261174875 end time Aug-21-08 08:23:43 PDT) would you pay that much for the set ?
  20. SkylarV217

    Wedding Songs ( pick one)

    This is a Typical Wedding song .... YouTube - Dave Barnes - I Have and Always Will Nothing Fancy YouTube - Dave Barnes."Nothing Fancy" YouTube - Dave Barnes Cover - Close Your Eyes Dave Barnes sings them all , but he is just now making a good name for himself so some of them are covers...