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    Very light highlighting concealers?

    Hi guys! Do you have any recs for very light highlighting concealers (like equivalent of NC15 or preferably even lighter) and I don't mean a standard concealer, but those highlighting 'concealers' that come in a pen form, like YSL Touche Eclat, L'oreal Lumi Pen, etc, that are very...
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    SALE/SWAP: Estee Lauder X Victoria Beckham, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Dior, MAC, etc.

    SALE/SWAP: Estee Lauder X Victoria Beckham, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Dior, MAC, etc. Hi guys! I've been reducing my makeup collection for a while now (my mum is really mad at me for spending too much on makeup, I get her), so I'm having a sale on ebay (Elektronika, Odzież, Samochody, Przedmioty...
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    Getting hired MAC UK without previous experience?

    So I'm only 18 and I don't have any retail experience yet, so is there still a chance for me guys?
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    MAC Foundation shade rec?

    Hey guys, any idea what kind of shade would be like this one to match a dark tan like this celeb has? NW35-40? Or am I wrong? Thanks in advance X
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    Hey guys :) Could someone please help with what kind of shade in MAC Studio Fix are the ones below? I can't physically go and swatch and these are the new ones I believe, I mean the ones added along with the new packaging, so I need to order online but just looking online I can tell it's...
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    Armani Luminous Silk Shades?

    Hey guys, I got a it of a problem, as the only way I can get this foundation is online right now, and I have no clue how to go around it, I've seen the swatches and all of that but still it doesn't help at all. Also, lately I wanted to tone down my tan to this kind of shade - So...
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    Dupes for MAC Cellopink Lipgelee?

    Hey guys! :) I just love Cellopink Lipgelee so much but I ran out and can't find it on ebay anymore, so maybe you know any dupes for it? I would be soo grateful, cheers x
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    Hi guys :) Lately, I was totally into Angelina Jolie movies and now I was just looking through some pics and found probably my fave makeup look ever, it's so stunning yet natural, I just can't take my eyes off her in here. Anyways, of course Angie is just a beauty perfection, but still as far as...
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    Fake MAC stuff in official counter?

    Is it even possible? I was buying MAC stuff from my counter for ages, but recently I got Lustreglass (in Flashmode, which is gorg btw:)) and I saw a couple of letters rubbed off after a week or so, and I started kind of scrubing it, and it all almost dissapeared... is that normal?
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    MAC Lipstick that looks exactly like Subculture liner?

    The closest I got to is Jubilee, but still it's not 'it' is there actually a lipstick that looks like this liner? if so, please let me know here:)
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    Foundation shade for pale skin that still looks nice & healthy?

    So summer's ending in a month, but I already stopped fake tan craze, as I'm getting bored of the same super dark look... And here's the question to those who love being pale all year round, what shade would you go for (would be awesome if you were neutral in l'oreal's true match, but it...
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    Olive toned MAC foundation?

    So I recently went back to having a darker tan (NC37) and the thing is that my new fake tan (siennasol, if any of you know this) is so much more green toned than anything I've used before, it looks amazing (compared to orange-red-yellow toned fake tans I had), and everything's fine...
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    Tips / 'How to' for this hairstyle? please:)

    Hey guys! So I already asked about some recs for the makeup, but I am totally clueless when it comes to hairstyles like this, so anyone into hair, please share how to achieve this gorg model's hairstyle and make it stay all day & night (for ref, I got naturally straight hair), so what...
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    This foundation shade / lipstick / brow powder?

    Hey guys, I'm really into 90s makeup right now & found this gorg model in guess ad, I figured out the eyes, but I'm no good with the rest, so could someone rec the shade of foundation in MAC Studio Sculpt, looks like NC30 to me, but maybe it's lighter (?), the lips look like they got Spice...
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    Any recs for this NARS campaign look?

    I've been drooling over this makeup for days now, and I can't quite put my finger on what could be used on the model, probably everything from Nars, so would be cool if someone could suggest anything, as I don't own anything from them and can't take a guess, maybe apart from Casino bronzer...
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    Any recs for this HOT Megan Fox look?

    I'm totally in love with Megan's makeup looks and this look is definately my favourite! Do you guys have any idea on similar eyeshadows, blush, lipgloss that she's got on in here (especially from MAC)? It looks to me a bit like Sunbasque blush, Patina e/s and something like a Love Nectar...
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    Please help with MAC shades in Studio Sculpt:)

    *resolved, please delete:)*
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    Guess ad with Adriana Lima e/s suggestions?

    Hey guys! Any idea what eyeshadows look like the ones Adriana & Megan Ewing have on in these Guess ads? Megan-Ewing-guess-442279_641_878.jpg Those are pretty much the best quality pics I got, please, please, please suggest any similar shades, I...