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  1. mushroomteagirl

    MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2020

    I ordered all the dazzleshadow extremes and they arrived today. They are not what I expected they are like the makeup geek foiled shadows but quite a bit drier They also dont seem to wear that well. By far the best shades are the olive green, the copper, and the emerald green for both shine and...
  2. mushroomteagirl

    MAC Items Being Discontinued in 2020

    The 217s brush is in the goodbyes section on the UK website! I never picked up any brushes after the switch to synthetic so I dont know if this would still be a favourite of anyone now anyway. I wonder if they will be bringing back the goat hair version...
  3. mushroomteagirl

    MAC Eyeshadow Extension (2019)

    Ive not posted in a while but I knew there would still be some people chatting about MAC here even if it's not quite as buzzing as it used to be :) I got all the pro pan shades I didn't have from previous palettes and collections apart from the two out of stock shades on the UK website (rose...