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  1. july

    Birthday FODT

    hey I made this make up for my 23th birthday. Hope you will like it I used : face - Loreal - True match makeup Clinique - Blended Face Powder Mac - CCB in Hush Mac - BP pearl sunshine Mac - Afterdusk ( a little bit) eyes- Mac - Fluidline Frostlite ( as a base ) Mac - e/s Jest ( inner C...
  2. july

    small haul

    Hey I got in the mail today a few items and I am so happy , it came in a wonderful timing because tomorrow it is a holiday here :-) ok what I got : BeneFit - Face Color Blush "Love & Mirage" ( sooo pretty) Mac - Frost pigment 1/2 tsp sample Milani -Eye Shadow in Illusion - really pretty Pink...
  3. july

    Nars The Multiple Stick

    What do you think about this product? What color do you think will suit me (I have a light skin tone)? Do yo recommend ?
  4. july

    a little experiment with orange and yellow

    Hey I was home today so I tried a little experiment with colors I don't usually use . I wanted to get a summer look I used : face - Madina milano - sheer control foundation Clinique - loose powder Mac -Barbie -BP pearl sunshine Revlon-powder blush - 06 eyes - Mac - Fluidline, Frostlite ( as...
  5. july

    My weekend FOTD

    Hey , This is the makeup look that I did on the weekend . As you can see I really love the color brown on me I used : face - Madina milano - sheer control foundation Clinique - loose powder Mac -Barbie -BP pearl sunshine Revlon-powder blush - 06 Mac - skin finish - champagne YSL- touche eclat...
  6. july

    My first FOTD

    Hey I finally found time in the morning to take a few photos of my makeup. I really love the natural look so most of the time I wear natural looking makeup . I hope you will like it I used : face - Madina milano - sheer control foundation Clinique - loose powder Mac -Barbie -BP pearl...
  7. july

    How to use touche eclat YSL

    I finally bought the famous touche eclat of YSL. But I am not sure I'm using it right . When do you have to put it ? before the powder ? after? I am confused . Do I need to put powder after I use it ? to make it more permanent (like makeup?) Thanks
  8. july

    a holiday haul

    I bought: Yves Saint Laurent - Radiant Touch Concealer-02 I really hope it is as good as everyone says stila e/s refill peach ( I am totally in love with this color ) Its areally small haul but I am really happy
  9. july

    Recommendation needed for MAC peach e/s

    Hey I am looking for a beautiful peach e/s I bought paradisco and I feel like it dosnt have lots of pigament , Could you recommend me peach e/s with good pigament ? Thanks...
  10. july

    whar is your favorite stila e/s

    my fav is the peach e/s ! I fell in love with her when I bought the Eye Shadow & Blush Compact PERFECTLY PEACH and since then it was love from first mu what is your fav e/s?
  11. july

    BENEFIT Face Color Blush "Love & Mirage"

    I am thinking of ordering it ... Did anyone have this blush? it would be my evere first benefit product I would love for feedback about the blush befor I order... thank's alot
  12. july

    my first haul

    Hey everyone I think I started to buy a little to much makeup in the last few monthes. But it's so much fun!! I can't and dont want to stop OK here is what I purchased: mac 316 lip bobbi brown pot rouge "pink truffle" mac Blending Brush 224 Pigment Sample: 1. blue brown...
  13. july

    NARS Bronzer brush

    Do you recommend me to buy this brush? How is she? Thank's
  14. july

    How is Bobbi brown Mini Brushes set?

    Are they any good? Is there a difference between the mini brushes and the original size brushes? thanks...
  15. july

    Best kabuki brush - recommendations

    Hey I am thinking of ordering this KABUKI BRUSH from ebay . How can I tell if its fake? Does anyone know the seller? Thanks
  16. july

    Bobbi Brown -Creamy Concealer To Go

    Anyone tried this concealer? Is it good ? Cuz I am going to order it in a web site wich color should I choose ? If I have a light skin tone ? Thank's
  17. july

    How is stila's mascara ? and Scott Barnes

    hello, i am new to this forum and this is my first post I am thinking buying stila mascara wich is better? Are they good ? Major Lash Mascara or Fiber Optics Maccara ? And how is the Lash Boost the Primer does it really Lengthens & Thickens Lashes ? How is Scott Barnes mascara? I am talking...
  18. july

    Hello everyone

    I am new here . My name is Yuli and I am from Israel ... you have a really grate site here
  19. july

    How is the mascara and the Lash Boost ( a Primer )

    Wich mascara is better : Fiber Optics Maccara or Major Lash Mascara ? And how is the lash primer? Thank's for all your help :loveya:
  20. july

    What is the size of Stila Eye Shadow Pan

    Hello I am new here at Specktra . Does anyone know if stila Eye Shadow Pan are the same size as MAC's cuz where I live dont sell stila and I really want to order Stila Eye Shadow Pan to add to my MAC pan thank you all very much Yuli