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  1. Pink_lily

    MAC in a text book

    Yup - you read that correctly! I was flipping thru my marketing strategy text book the other day before class and came across a case that was all about Make-up Art Cosmetics, or MAC, as the book explained it. I have yet to read it, but as soon as I do, I'll try to sum it up!
  2. Pink_lily

    pro tour haul!

    The Pro tour was fun. I learned a couple new things, but for the most part, it was just a reason to spend money at MAC with my mom. She ended up leaving right after the class since our makeovers had to be cancelled because of the class time being changed, but she asked me to get her a paint...
  3. Pink_lily

    i'm gonna kill my cat

    I'm not REALLY going to kill her...just threaten her! Last night I was sound asleep when my oldest cat came into my room and decided it was time to chew on my hair, which is what she does when she's hungry. I just laid there and would push her off when necessary. Well, at one point, she...
  4. Pink_lily

    i got a new job!

    I've been trying to get out of my bartending job at one of the crappiest strip clubs I've ever seen, and today it finally happened! I won't be bartending, but I will be serving at The Cheesecake Factory! Yaaaay! They made a note that I needed to be considered for future bartending positions...
  5. Pink_lily

    introducing my two spoiled kitties

    First, the queen bee, Pandora! I've had her since I was 15. She likes to chill out on "her" chair and always lets you know when she's hungry by chewing on your hair. I tend to have fewer pictures of Pandora because she's always avoiding me. And then there's the baby, Lluvy. She's soooo...
  6. Pink_lily

    wedding make-up

    I'm not IN the wedding, just attending. Anyone have any recommendations for make-up that would look good with my dress? I was thinking of something that had a bit of turquoise in it to match the stripe. Thanks! Also, a picture of me to give you some sort of idea of my coloring.
  7. Pink_lily

    Hiya from Baltimore

    I'm not really new to MAC, make-up, or even Spektra...I just finally registered today! I'm a member on mac_cosmetics on LJ, so I get a lot of my inspiration from there. I've been using (and abusing, in some cases) make-up since I was about 10 years old and doing "make-overs" with my friends...