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  1. ms.marymac

    Prom Season!

    Today was like this: Sorry. Had to get that off my chest. And now, (Replace coffee cup with a bottle of beer)
  2. ms.marymac

    Scent Memory and a Skank.

    Kinda kidding about the skank...I just couldn't think of another way to say it. Have you ever loved a fragrance, and had someone ruin it for you? You smell it on someone you don't care for and now every time you smell it, you think of them? Jean Paul Gaultier Classique-I yearned for this...
  3. ms.marymac


    I just thought I would start a thread for my fellow MAC peeps and other cosmetic say hello (since a lot have been MIA) and to break up the job interview threads (no offense!). Did you survive the holidays? Any interesting stories? Excited about upcoming collections? Any cliche...
  4. ms.marymac

    Poor Kitty

    There is this cat in my neighborhood that wonders up to everyone's door and peeks in everyone's windows. It's the sweetest cat. It is COLD outside, and snowing/raining...I hear this pitiful meow so I go outside. The cat is going to every door and meowing, and is soaking wet. I brought her...
  5. ms.marymac

    Finishing a bottle

    I can't remember the last time I finished a bottle of perfume, I wear too many I guess. I have a friend that can go through a bottle in a couple of months (!), I can't even imagine. What scents have you finished up? How long did it take you to polish it off?
  6. ms.marymac

    Neighbor Rant

    This girl is BANGING on my neighbor's door and has for about an hour (and did so for about 30 mins last night). I just opened my door to see WTH was going on and she's out there crying and pleading with him to open the door. Girl, give it up and go home! He's obviously not that into you. If...
  7. ms.marymac

    Why MAC doesn't have sales

    link to video
  8. ms.marymac


    Has anyone checked these out? I saw a few pieces online and there were a couple of cute things. I saw that a few pieces had made it to ebay...which is funny because whoever listed them completely ignored the whole point of the line-nothing over $20.
  9. ms.marymac

    New VG shirts

    OK MAC Employees...How are you guys wearing these? I got a medium and it's HUGE. Have any of you preformed surgery on yours? The picture is so big I am afraid to cut too much. If I wear it as is, I'm afraid I will look like a bad 80's flashback! Maybe I can throw my hair into a banana clip.
  10. ms.marymac

    R.I.P. Croc Hunter - Steve Irwin, Australia - Steve Irwin, the hugely popular Australian television personality and environmentalist known as the “Crocodile Hunter,” was killed Monday by a stingray during a diving expedition, police said. He was 44. Irwin was filming an...
  11. ms.marymac


    Viva Glam VI is on ebay.. I tried to do a search to see if this was posted, but I didn't see anything. //edit: removed link
  12. ms.marymac

    Lure Banned

    I just found out that Belk, a department store in the South East will not be carrying the Lure collection. The images associated with the collection was not up to Belk standards. Instead of selling the products without hanging the pictures, they are just refusing to sell them. I understand...
  13. ms.marymac

    Fruitcake Lady

    This cracked me up!
  14. ms.marymac

    Hypnose by Lancome

    Anyone check this out? There was a strip in one of my magazines, & it smelled nice. It almost reminded me of the way Aveda's Shampure smells.
  15. ms.marymac

    "Kors" by Micheal kors

    Do any of you guys have this? What kind of reaction do people have to it when you wear it? I bought this at Target tonight. For some reason I was thinking it was a vanilla scent...wrong! It's not the worst I've ever smelled...but it's very different.
  16. ms.marymac

    Awesome Green Color

    Use Blue Peep as a base with 242 or 252 brush, add Swimming eyeshadow over it with 239 brush. Could it be a Guac dupe? All I know that it creates a bright ass green color!
  17. ms.marymac


    I have a CCO somewhat near my house and I am curious about them. How much of a discount to they offer? Do they just carry LE/ Discontinued items or do they sometimes carry overstock? Is it worth the drive?
  18. ms.marymac

    Possible Parrot dupe?

    If you have access to Blue Peep Fluidliner, Freshwater E/S, and Sea Me Shade Stick...they can be combined to create a shade that is very close to Parrot. Might want to test it out on your hand, first. 1. Blend Blue Peep as you would if you were using it as a sheer base. 2. Add a dab of...
  19. ms.marymac

    Storing Perfumes

    What's the best way to store a winter fragrance? I have heard some people say they put their perfumes in the fridge...anyone try that?