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  1. bethanie

    My small MAC collection!

    This is my very small collection! Sorry for the quality of photos! Shell, Mocha, Gentle, Honour Smoke and Mirrors eyeshadow, Electra, Blanc Type, Carbon and Blitz n Glitz fluid line. Golden Bronzer, "Light" Mineralize skinfinish natural, NW15 Studio Sculpt...
  2. bethanie

    Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

    Has anyone got this perfume?! Personally I love it! It smells so nice and everyone notices it!
  3. bethanie

    MAC Haul (inc MAC gifts)

    Okay so in December I bought a few MAC items and I also got some for christmas so I decided to share (sorry about the size) Holiday '09 - Smoke and Mirrors eyeshadows Holiday '09 - 5 Models Misbehaving Lipglass/Lustreglass Fix + Power Matte Blusher in Mocha MAC Select SPF 15 Foundation in...
  4. bethanie

    MAC Samples

    How much are MAC samples in the UK counters?
  5. bethanie

    How much are MAC samples?

    How much are MAC samples at counters?
  6. bethanie

    MAC profile maybe?

    I went to MAC a few weeks ago to buy some blushers and when I went to the counter the woman asked me if I had my name on their database and I said no. She then asked for my details name etc. but im not sure what this is for!
  7. bethanie

    Curling Hair

    Okay, I want to know how the girl in the photos (below) curls her hair! It looks amazing!
  8. bethanie

    Hello from England!

    Hiya! I'm Bethanie I'm 15 and I loooove MAC! I'm currently a student but really interested in make up and hair design. I haven't really got much of a collection of MAC stuff yet i have about 15+ items and still collecting! I'd love to get to know everyone! xoxo