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  1. Laurie

    Lana del Rey inspired

    Was just feeling frustrated with studying and felt like playing around at four in the morning.. Enjoy! All MAC unless stated otherwise: Face: Studio Fix powder Studio Finish concealor MSFN Eversun beauty powder Eyes: Era Vanilla Embark Black Tied Frostlite Gesso Engraved Maybelline eyebrow...
  2. Laurie

    2 FOTDs!!

    Exams, a broken engagement, family, life .. All have been taking me for a ride.. But I'm back! And a bit more colourful!! Do enjoy! CC welcomed!! FOR ALL: FACE: L'Oreal Primer MAC Studio Finish Concealor MAC SFF MAC MSFN MAC Melba blush EYES: TFSI...
  3. Laurie

    MUFE Full Cover

    I wanna get this as I've heard it's good for tattoos.. However, there's no Sephora where I live, so I'd have to order it. Anyone use this?? Or know that the equivalent would be?? I'm NC45 in MAC. Also, any recs for other concealors that are good for tattoos?? TIA!
  4. Laurie

    MUFE Full Cover Concealor Match??

    I wanna get this as I've heard it's good for tattoos.. However, there's no Sephora where I live, so I'd have to order it. Anyone use this?? Or know that the equivalent would be?? I'm NC45 in MAC. Also, any recs for other concealors that are good for tattoos?? TIA!
  5. Laurie

    MUFE brights!!!

    Got these on a recent trip and I had to try them out immediately in the hotel room.. FACE: L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer NARS Torrid MAC Prolongwear Foundation MAC Studio Finish Concealor MAC MSFN EYES: TFSI MUFE 92, 75, 02 MAC Blacktrack...
  6. Laurie

    Ruby Woo!

    Look done for a GNO.. Not the best quality.. Or the best pic.. But I recently discovered that I can actually use MAC's matte lipsticks as all the others make my lips peel.. And I looooveee Ruby Woo.. So, I just thought I'd share! FACE: Urban Decay De-Slick MAC Prep and Prime...
  7. Laurie

    Carnival Makeup recs

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be playing carnival here at home in Trinidad and Tobago next year and I'm a bit lost as to what makeup I should go with for my costume. I want some something bright and bold! TIA Source:
  8. Laurie

    Barbie as Cleopatra 2010 inspired

    Hi everyone! Been awhile since I've been here.. School, life.. :( .. Anyway, I collect Barbies and I think that they have some of the most beautiful makeup ever! And I've always wanted to attempt to recreate their looks! So, I started with this one!.. She's Barbie as Cleopatra the 2010 version...
  9. Laurie

    Just a couple of FOTDs

    Sorry the pics aren't of a good quality.. I took them with my phone.. Hope you like! :) FOR ALL: MAC unless stated otherwise FACE: L'Oreal Studio Secrets primer Studio Finish Concealor Studio Fix Fluid MSFN EYES: Black Opal Stick Concealor Blacktrack...
  10. Laurie

    FOTD dump!

    IIt's been awhile since I've posted any FOTD's.. But I built up a bit of them.. Most of them were taken with my phone, hence the not so good quality.. Hope you like.. CC appreciated! Used in all: FACE: MAC Studio Fix compact MAC MSFN MAC Studio Finish Concealor Black...
  11. Laurie

    Coppering Soot.. And new hair! :)

    Did this look to go by my boyfriend for Christmas!! Enjoy! CC appreciated!! Oh and new hair!! :D Product used all MAC unless stated otherwise: FACE: SF Concealer - NC45 SF Compact - NC45 MSFN Eversun b/p EYES: Black Opal Stick Concealer -...
  12. Laurie

    Passionate Clarity

    .. I couldn't come up with a better name for the post! .. :\ Anyway, this is a look I did to go to school yesterday.. Because today is Divali.. So, I used it as an excuse to dress up a little more than usual!.. Please excuse the quality of the pics.. Camera phone + indoor light = not the...
  13. Laurie

    Bold lips! Bold eyes! Bold cheeks! :|

    Haven't posted in awhile due to school, but this is a look I did a month ago for my aunt's birthday. I know it's not customary to go bold on both eyes and lips.. But, I just felt like it.. Sorry the pics are of such poor quality.. I used my phone.. CC welcomed!! Products used: All MAC unless...
  14. Laurie

    Coppering/Expensive Pink

    Went out today with my mummy and this was the look I did!!.. Hope you like.. CC welcome!! Products used: All MAC unless stated otherwise.. FACE: Revlon Colourstay Mineral Foundation Black Opal Stick Concealor Devil blush EYES: Fresco Rose p/p Expensive Pink Coppering Vanilla Blacktrack...
  15. Laurie

    Make-up help for a wedding!!!! [with pics]

    Hey everyone.. One of my boyfriend's friends is getting married this weekend.. And for some reason.. I can't, for the life of me, decide how to do my makeup! I'm possibly leaning towards a smoky, slightly arabic inspired eye with Amber Lights, Soot and Vanilla.. But it seems so boring to me! Any...
  16. Laurie

    It's been awhile......

    Soo.. I haven't been here awhile. School/family vacation/other random time consuming things have taken over.. I built up a lot of FOTD's.. But now.. I dunno where they are.. .. Found two though.. Sooo.. Here they are.. CC welcomed.. And I know my face looks lighter than my skin.. But that's...
  17. Laurie

    Awesome vacation haul!!

    Went on a family vacation to Orlando three weeks ago and ended up in Premium Outlets.. Imagine my delight when I saw there was a CCO there.. Needless to say, I went crazy. Also went to a MAC pro store and got some stuff.. I'm sooo happy I found that CCO though!! Prices where I live are...
  18. Laurie

    First Female PM in Trinidad and Tobago!

    I wasn't sure where to put this.. But I thought it'd be a nice read for anyone.. I know she isn't the first female PM in the world.. But it's a pretty big thing for us! ?Good morning, Madam PM...!? | The Trinidad Guardian
  19. Laurie

    Red Brick-ed Love Thing

    Hey everyone, just a simple simple look I did for school and felt like sharing.. Excuse the hair and the bad quality of the pic.. I used my phone.. Products used - All MAC unless stated otherwise FACE: SFF NC 45 SFC NC 45 MSFN - Medium Deep MB - Love Thing EYES: Prep and Prime Painterly Red...
  20. Laurie

    The Nocturnelle Era of Dollymix

    Well.. Isn't that just a catchy title.. LOL ... All MAC unless stated otherwise: FACE: SFF SFC MSFN DOLLYMIX!!!!!!!!!!!! [Eeek!! I bought this Wednesday and couldn't WAIT to use it!!! And I love itttt!! LOVEEEEEEEEEE!! Love love love **sings Gaga**.. Hehe...... ] Golden Bronze Bronzer EYES...