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  1. glamdoll

    Studio Mist

    I don't know if many on here use Studio Mist foundation, but I LOVE it! I found out that it is being discontinued soon. I am sad! I need to stock up on it! ah
  2. glamdoll

    Souther California!

    Who felt the earthquake?
  3. glamdoll

    How long..

    Does it take for paper work to go through? I filled mine out on the 2nd, and I called today (they told me to check in after 10 days) and she said that she hasn't heard anything yet, so maybe monday. I can't wait to start! hehehe Im excited How long did your paperwork take?
  4. glamdoll

    Typographic Parrot and mini brow tut :)

  5. glamdoll

    Has anyone..

    tried Smashbox foundations?? What do you think of them? How do you like them? Is it worth the money? Thanks in advanced.
  6. glamdoll

    a la fiesta pagana..

  7. glamdoll

    ***Requested Tutorial (purple/pink)***

  8. glamdoll

    Help please!!

    Ok so I started using this shampoo "Elements" by the salon where I get my hair cut. And Now I have DRY, ITCHY scalp!! It flakes soo bad its embarrasing. Ive never, ever had this problem before. I cant brush my hair w/o seeing huge flakes and it just makes me wanna cry!! If you guys know of...
  9. glamdoll

    sister project..

    So I did this a few days back on my sister. Hope you ladies like it me and my sister What I used : all MAC ( unless noted otherwise): Eyes -Chromeyellow -Swimming -Humid -Nylon -Print -Liquidlast (the black one) Face E.L Double wear Nars orgasm blush Lips Love nectar.
  10. glamdoll

    Finally!! <3

    Yay!! I got a permanent position after being an Oncall for Macy's for 2months now. I am the new Lancome BA!! woooo! I thought Id share the news
  11. glamdoll

    I have no witty title for this...

    So I couldnt think of a cool title, but anyway! This is my new haircut and me finally using my new MAC! NEW HAIR!! I went for the choppy side swept trendy hair! hehehe What I used all MAC Eyes: -Mi'Lady -Nylon -White frost -Frankly Scarlett blush Face: -Strobe cream...
  12. glamdoll

    yellow,green, blue FOTD

    So its late and I had nothing better to do. I wanted to put these colors together, but I was afraid they wouldnt work well. I really liked them though. I LOVE my new blending brush! its the Sonia Kashuk Blending brush, the black one w/ brownish hair! Got it at Target and I love it. very...
  13. glamdoll


    Is anyone here into sports? If yes, which ones and what team? I love soccer!! I watch Mexican League though, so I like Guadalajara, and Mexico national team. Beckham is my fave HOT player, but skilled player would have to be Ronaldhino! Also I like Football. Cowboys/Bears!! I love Tony Romo...
  14. glamdoll

    American Gangster

    I just saw it today, and let me tell you, I ABSOLUTLY LOVE it!!! WOW! Its an amazing film. Denzel Washingtons best performance. Made me have a bunch of mixed emotions! Gosh! go watch it. SO worth it.
  15. glamdoll

    Loving the teals!

    I wore this to my hubby's football game! so it turned a bit weird. In my case after a while the shadow in my crease area fades!! I dunno why! hehe see only the crease area is faded.. Eyes: all MAC Aquadisiac e/s Teal pigment Steamy e/s nylon e/s smolder e/k Face: Studiofix NC35 Nars...
  16. glamdoll

    Nix'ie Cosmetics

    Has anyone tried them out? I like their eyeshadows, and blushes. I saw them on KJ Bennetts blog and gave them a try. However I cant match my foundation off the site. Help!
  17. glamdoll

    turning japanese, I think Im turning japanese

    I really think so! I love that song!!! Ok well I did my little sisters makeup. She is like my practice doll! She looks a bit japanese, people always think she is half asian when she isnt! its cute! we call her chinita =] Here is Alexis w/ her makeup done by me: and this is us, late...
  18. glamdoll

    How do I go about?

    Getting grants for beauty school? I've looked online for different kinds of scholarships, but most of them say you must be enrolling to a 4yr university, or be enrolled in math/science programs. I want to find grants to cover the cost of my beauty school ($17,650) Pell grant and fafsa only give...
  19. glamdoll

    Advice please!!

    So today I had an interview w/ the cosmetics manager at Macy's and she said she wanted me to interview for Benefit. I did a bit of online reaserch on the brand since I dont know much about it, but has anyone worked for them? what can I expect in the interview? also what is their dress code...
  20. glamdoll

    Black (fotn)