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  1. BEA2LS

    Liberty of London

    Hey My parents went to Bermuda and bought me some MAC back as a surprise gift Here's what I got: eyeshadwo - dame's desire lipstick - blooming lovely blush - prim and proper i love them i will post pics when i can
  2. BEA2LS

    Did anyone else have a sucky Valentine's Day?

    Because i sure did.. me and my boyfriend have been together for like five years. we are super broke and behind on bills, etc. lots of outside problems going on (he's in a custody battle for his kid, which is partly why we are so broke). so we agreed to do nothing for V Day. no presents...
  3. BEA2LS

    Escada Marine Groove

    Did anyone smell this yet? I tried it on at Ulta.. i love it! it reminds me more of island kiss, sunset heat, pacific paradise, etc. rather than the newer ones.
  4. BEA2LS

    Sweet Valley High.. Movie?!?!

    I heard about this last night and like screamed in excitement. To me, SVH started it all.. I love the tv series, too (tv guide even published a letter that 11 year old me wrote to defend the bad review they gave that show!) But a movie????? i seriously am so excited!
  5. BEA2LS

    Okay, admit it.. how many nail polishes do you have?

    I know before we talked about having our polishes in excel sheets and what not.. but with all of the mention of storage, how many polishes does everyone have? i actually do not know but will update as soon as i count them..
  6. BEA2LS

    Christmas Carol 3D

    Has anyone seen it in IMAX 3 d? i have not seen an IMAX movie since I was a kid! was it good? i might go this weekend.
  7. BEA2LS

    Essie's Matte About You

    I finally broke down and bought this.. not sure if i like it though. i used it over cocktail party on my toes last night and it looked so dry that i put my shoe on. big mistake lol, i'll re-do my toes when i change my manicure after halloween i guess but i like using it over dark colors but...
  8. BEA2LS

    Best Green Nail Polish?

    What is everyone's favorite green (If you are into that kind of thing). I only have a few.. I have a salley hansen glow that i love but it has a lot of gold in so it's summery and i have NYC Big Money Frost which is a dark green and OPI Greenwhich Village which is a light green creme (almost...
  9. BEA2LS

    VMA/Kayne West/Taylor Swift

    I did not watch the VMAs (basically for reasons like this) but I heard about this on the radio.. (this link explains what happened: CMT : News : Taylor Swift's VMA Win Marred by Kanye West ) but Kayne West basically interupted Taylor Swift's winning speech saying that Beyoncé had one of the best...
  10. BEA2LS

    Bored and Broke

    Hey guys.. I had a tough couple of weeks.. me and my friends all did really.. and we are all broke yet soo restless for the weekend! does anyone have any ideas of free or cheap stuff to do? we normally would go to the boardwalk or something but it's gonna rain all weekend.. i am just sick of...
  11. BEA2LS

    i don't wanna be a bridesmaid anymore..

    I have a problem Over a year ago an old friend came over out of the blue to show me an engagement ring. We used to be real tight, not best friends but we worked together and went places together.. even short vacations. I was single, her boyfriend was away at college in another state and she was...
  12. BEA2LS

    e! Shows

    Does anyone else watch those silly realty type shows on e! they are totally my guilty pleasure, i even loved hollywood tan
  13. BEA2LS

    What nail polish colors are you moving towards now?

    Is everyone still wearing summer colors? I am! I will until mid - late Sept. Am I weird or does everyone else do the same? Is anyone moving towards fall colors yet? If so, which ones? In the fall, I usually go towards vampy but pull out blacks/oranges for Halloween than on to my reds until after...
  14. BEA2LS

    Upset over my friend..

    I am really confused hurt by something. I am sorry to vent here but i have nowhere else to go. I mentioned problems that my boyfriend, well we have been doing great lately - we got back in touch with some old friends, have been getting along, everything has been good. one of these old friends is...
  15. BEA2LS

    Question about my Period and nuva ring..

    I have no idea if this is in the right place (someone please move it if i am in the wrong..) I am in such a panic.. i am on nuva ring, i have been on it for a couple of years now. two weeks after my period, i spotted brown a bit. it was stringy (sorry for TMI!) but lasted a day or two. I...
  16. BEA2LS

    Bermuda Blue?

    Has anyone heard of this? My parents were in Bermuda and they picked this up for me in a shop in Hamilton. I could not find anything on it really when I googled (i found some stuff but was not sure if it was the same one) I am excited to get it has anyone heard of this before?
  17. BEA2LS

    warning, this is really disturbing..

    I hope nobody minds if i vent here (again!). this one is pretty deep - i have been so distracted by money problems that i guess i let stuff slide.. work, relationships. last night hit me hard. i have mentioned before that my boyfriend has issues with mental illness.. he also has a son whose...
  18. BEA2LS

    really depressed over being really broke

    i am so depressed about being broke. i am struggling to pay rent, car payments, buy groceries, even doing landuary is hard for me to get money for. i was doing okay because i was working two jobs but the company my second job is out cut all of the part-timers so now i cannot for the life of me...
  19. BEA2LS

    i'm so upset

    I am so overwhelmed right now.. recently my boyfriend and i have started hanging out with new friends.. and last night we were at someone's house and i wanted to go home to bed (i had work today, he didn't) and he wanted to stay.. one of the girls asked if i minded, which i didn't, but he barely...